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  1. This week in Melbourne there are at least 3 hi fi stores advertising the Yamaha RX A 3000 for a great deal. Two stores advertising at 1899 with IPOD dock and (all sold out when I called yesterday) and another store advertising at 1990 with stock, who price matched the first two. If you want more details then send me a PM tonight. Kevin
  2. Item: Cambridge Audio DacMagic (Black). AU version, local purchase. Location: Adelaide Item Condition: As new, 1 year old. Approx 100 hours use. Reason for selling: Time for a change Price: $425 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Australia Post COD Extra Info: I have all original packaging, documentation and accessories. Local pickup or will ship interstate at buyers expense (approx $15 to Melbourne using Aust Post). Pictures: available on request, please PM me PM me if you would like any further information. cheers TB
  3. I am selling my as-new condition, 6 months old, Pioneer VSX-519V (Black) AVR due to upgrade. The VSX-519V is a 5.1 Channel AVR capable of decoding multichannel LPCM and non-HD DD and DTS; with 2/1 HDMI in/out (HDMI repeater capability) and 5.1 analogue input capability. The unit is perfect for connecting to a Bluray player with onboard audio decoding (to LPCM) and to an external HTPC or other player with multichannel analogue outputs. Looking for $200 plus delivery (or pickup in Perth).
  4. I have the following pieces of X10 equipment for sale. Stuff has only been used once or twice but my bold visions of a dystopian future controlled by one device is a long way off yet! This is what I have:- 5 x HA103 Appliance Modules (RRP: $55 each) $30 each 2 x HA113 Lamp Modules (RRP: $32 each) $19 each 1 x HA114 Transceiver Module (RRP: $33 each) $20 1 x IR7243 IR - X10 Interface for Third Party Remotes (RRP: $88)SOLD ALL PRICES ABOVE INCLUDE STANDARD POSTAGE Image of units here:- IMAGE I have tested all components this morning and everything works, however I cant offer much in the way of technical support for this stuff.
  5. I bought a few different speaker cables to compare to while developing our speaker cables. I have sold most back overseas now that I have finished with them. I just sold the Valhallas to a gent in Korea, it seems noone wanted them in NZ, which is a shame, but I still have a 2m pair of Bi-Wire Heimdalls with bananas in excellent condition and in original box, $900 shipped.
  6. ITEM: ProJect Phono Box II USB (Silver) Location: Perth (pickup from Northern suburbs is OK if suitable) Item Condition: Excellent - no marks or scratches. Unit has only been used about 5-6 times. Reason for selling: No longer required, sold TT some time ago. Price: $190 including postage nationwide - SOLD Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, direct deposit Extra Info: A highly regarded MM/MC and USB capable phono pre-amp. Unit will be suitably packaged but I no longer have the original box. PSU is supplied. Full specs can be found at:- http://www.project-audio.com/main.php?prod...xes〈=en Pics:
  7. Now that my new Denon 4311 is up and running I am now selling my Rotel 1067 Receiver. Here are some review links: http://www.avguide.com/review/rotel-rsx-10...nel-av-receiver http://www.audiotrends.com.au/pdf/Rotel/Re..._HCC_Review.pdf http://www.audioenz.co.nz/2005/rotel_rsx1067.shtml It is in great condition, the internal amps hardly used as I have been using my Theatron amp to power my speakers. I have original remote, manual and box to go with the unit. I was watching one of these on e-bay in October and it went for $960. I thought I would list it here to see if any forum members were interested prior to me putting it up on e-bay. Asking price is $850.00 pick up prefered, but will send it at purchaser's expence. Cheers, trebor
  8. Hey guys, I have a MK3 corrector that i am looking to sell. It hasn't been used, in fact the box has only been opened because I hadn't been expecting a delivery and wasn't sure what the wonderfully postie had brought me wink.gif. I went in on the first group buy because I wasn't sure their would be a second run and I didn't want to miss out. My plan was to buy a MK3 once I had finished my room. However seeing as construction is taking me forever I have been able to save a few extra pennies and am now expecting delivery of a shiney new CrystalMorphic lens. I'm not sure what the protocol is with selling group buy items with regards to posting prices, so can any interested parties send me a PM. Cheers, Simon
  9. Decided to break this package up and offer the lens and BenQ seperately. Lens has one minor chip which is at the very top of the glass, does not effect image whatsoever. It is white in colour which btw, looks really cool! Price drop to $1,050 with free postage Australia wide. Offers welcomed..??
  10. Hello DTV Forum Members, I have recently decided to sell my Yamaha RXV765 7.2 Channel AV Receiver. Yamaha RXV765 Gumtree Ad RRP $1,599.00, Selling for $650.00 (Negotiable!). Also, I just thought I should clarify that this is not being sold as part of my business. This is 100% a personal offer for sale. As the ad says, this unit is only a few months old. This is one of a few AV Receivers that I own, but where this unit was located, I now need an AVR with a front HDMI input. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or offers for sale.
  11. Just looking to see if any Adelaide folks are interested in a CA 640c V2 cd player in pretty much new condition (around 20 hours use maybe less) in silver colour. Looking for $500 and at this stage pick-up is prefered in Adelaide.
  12. I have about 100 hifi mags from 2005 to 2010 that i need to clear out. they are Stereophile, HiFi+ and HiFi World, mostly. Free to a good home if anyone in Wellington region wants to pick them up in the next couple of weeks.
  13. Lexicon MC-12bEQ and stand alone Audyssey Sound Equaliser. Wish to sell as a package - $4500ono. The MC-12 has software v4 currently loaded but I have the v5 update disk (adds Pro Logic IIx and new version of Logic 7) and the file for v5.25. Melbourne sale is preferred because the Audyssey unit does not come with the installer kit but I can lend this kit to the buyer for initial and ongoing set ups if they are in Melbourne. The Lexicon is not the HD version (with HDMI) and plays HD audio via the 5.1 channel analogue input. The Lexicon can digitalise this input for full bass management, application of Logic 7 or PLIIx etc.
  14. This has 5 shelves of which 3 are adjustable. Dimensions are 900 mm in height, 570 mm wide and 405 mm deep. The rack was never in direct sunlight so there are no obvious signs of fading. I would be looking for $300 which is less than half the price I paid for it. Attached files
  15. I dont use this anymore so its open to offers. $200?
  16. I have 2 Energy AC 300 centre speakers in excellent condition for sale. I would prefer to sell both and I am planning to upgrade. Price for both is $850 or if you wish to buy one only I am asking $450 each. Specifiactions here http://www.energy-speakers.com/images/download/462.aspx A review is here http://www.audioreview.com/cat/speakers/ce...04_2743crx.aspx and here http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/speaker...r-system/page-1 I am in Victoria, 100 km east of Melbourne but can arrange delivery. Demonstration is possible.
  17. Hi Guys, I hesitated putting this on before as this is my demo unit. But then I saw OZtheahtre posting. As most of you know I am not a retailer and do not sell projectors, so I have no way for getting rid of demo items. Happy to remove this if it upsets anyone. I am sellling my demo JVC 550. It has 197hrs use (basically a decent run in. I don't use my cinema nearly enough). I run it in economy mode. The projector has been ISF calibrated by Aaron Rigg of Avical (basically the best video calibrator in Australia) which normally costs $500. This applies to both the HDMI & component inputs. The projector is in mint condition. Happy to freight anywhere in Australia. $2950 inc GST & delivery or best reasonable offer. Regards, David
  18. Hi. Doing a clean out this week and have this unit for sale which is basically brand new and has very little use. This was imported this year direct from overseas and is 110v as they don't sell 230-240v versions of this so you will need a transformer to use in this country. I have the original box and manual and was purchased August this year and I was using it between my passive SVS sub (now sold) and power amp. Asking $100 + postage to any state. I'm based in Melbourne. Here is a forum that talks about the unit: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/bfd...ent-device.html
  19. Hi. I have for sale 5 Vortex RCA interconnects purchased middle of this year from here: http://www.clink.com.au/audio/stereo.htm I was using them between my Krell and NAD processor but no longer needed as I've gone XLR now that I purchased an Anthem processor. These are in excellent condition and cost me approx $330. I'm selling for $160+ shipping to any state at buyers expense which wouldn't be allot considering they don't weigh that much. I'm based in Melbourne. Pm me if you have any questions.
  20. Does anyone have a spare pair they are looking to offload? Cheers!
  21. Gday all Wanting to buy a second hand Oppo BDP 83SE and was wandering if any of you guys have one for sale or are willing to put one up for sale. Must have the calibration disks with it, be region free and be in excellent condition. PM me if interested cheers
  22. This is restricted to Perth Metro people only. For sale is a ~4-6 months old Belkin PF-40.. Bought off E-bay for $660.. Opening bid $400... Instant $430. Cash, pick up. --- I keep the power cable and 12V trigger cable, buyer can have everything else (wil try to find the cables that came with this)... If you want these two cables, you have to pay more .. Unit is silver.. pic of it in use. For people who believe in snake oils.. Using just plain old computer cables, this unit will increase the clarity and depth for 2 channel... Don't ask me why or how , I have theories but no facts.... Some issues I found with this unit: 1/ constant power draw of 100W according ot my watt meter 2/ no memory, so if you power off this unit from the mains, the settings (brightness and remote trigger) will be lost 3/ the network surge protector doesn't seem to work for my home setup (gigabit Internet) Reasons for selling: That 100W issue, and I'm using a PSAudio Quintet... For folks to who believe in snake oils... Audio wise I prefer the Belkin to the PS Audio.. If the Belkin has USA plugs I would have keep it... For folks who don't believe in snake oils.. If you hear a soft faint pop when your Mrs is cooking... This Belkin will fix it... No other surge board I tried can fix this.. In fact, not sure if the Quintet can do it (will wait and see)..
  23. Hi everyone, I've a set of Accusound OM850 speakers that I need to get rid of (moved into an appartment so I've been ordered to "downsize", to what I am not yet sure). Purchased them new in September 2009. I'm not sure what would be a reasonable asking price, I was thinking about $500. Collection from Sydney, but happy to deal with a courier if your outside sydney and you arrange. I'm including all my cabling and banana plugs in the price. One of the rear surrounds has not been used at all and they are all in good conditon. Black in colour and can send pics if required. If interested let me know at mintox80@yahoo.com.au.
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