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  1. For sale $500 firm to my good fellow members, pick-up:) http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=420546960&ed=true
  2. Detailed pics here: http://imgur.com/a/h0SEz PM me if you're keen.
  3. I have a copy of the OOP "Sketches of Spain" by Miles ; on 4 Classic single sided 45 RPM LPs.Never played , but open and cleaned so as close to M as possible. Has been OOP for some time. to any of you fine folk , $120 ( postage included in NZ) Any interest , PM.
  4. CD: Vrooom Condition: Excellent Label: Discipline 9401 2 Release Country: US Release Date: 1994 The cover is signed in silver marker by Bill Bruford, Adrian Belew, Pat Mastelotto, Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn, and Tony Levin. $45 post-free to 'Enzers. Attached files
  5. Any interest in a P75-II here? Would rather sell it here than Turd Me. No idea on price yet.Just guaging whether or not anyone wants it. It's in mint condition.
  6. Chaps, I constructed this pr of Mauhorn IV cabinets a while ago but now they need to go, to make space around here. They accommodate Lowther, Fostex FE203/206/208, Seas FA22RCZ, etc or other similar drivers with an adaptor plate. These cabinets horn-load the rear of the driver, giving horn-quality bass reproduction from ‘full range’ drivers. Horn bass is agile, articulate & tonally rich. Dimensions are 1.0m high x 0.3m wide x 0.8m deep. Narrow frontal aspect & corner radiusing aids imaging & minimises visual bulk. These cabs are not small but (i) compact for a horn & (ii) can be usefully located near rear or side walls. Andreas Mau published this Mauhorn IV design in Sound Practices magazine in 1995. It is a 3.5m long horn, cleverly folded into a cabinet of only 300mm width. Constructed from 18mm Fijian Kauri plywood (externally & internally) & finished with 3 coats of satin polyurethane. Internal wiring is Cardas (Teflon jacketed 6N copper litz), with rear binding posts. Threaded inserts with stainless steel hex hd bolts are provided, positioned for Lowther bolt centres but can be repositioned to suit other drivers. As you can imagine, construction & finishing took a while (over 75hrs), but of course I won’t recoup what they owe me. So, I’m suggesting a price of $750 for chaps around here. (3 sheets of Kauri ply cost half that alone, which makes the my labour ~$5/hr!) Feel free to ask any Qs.
  7. Hey all. So I'm selling some gear for a friend who is in an unfortunate situation at the moment. It's mostly radio gear (Eddystones, Marconis and the like), but there's a swag of audio to go as well. Currently I've got: Quad II, a pair of with a preamp that actually works well. Newish russian KT66's with Telefunken EF86's that are tested as very good on a calibrated AVO IV. Leak Stereo 20 - Looks to be completely rebuilt and perfect. Awaiting testing, but I think it's fine. Leak Stereo 50 - Like the 20, just waiting to be tested. There's lots of tubes and bits and pieces. Some cool SS gear, Radios, big swathe of Sansui lattice speakers, Some huge old Goodmans' (specs to come), Transmission lines and various drivers for them... it's almost too much for me to deal with some days when I look at it. So, if you're interested in any of the above, please PM. Please note that he is not in a position to be giving this stuff away. It's got to be fair prices, but we are trying to be realistic as well. EDIT: Oh, and if you know radio buffs that need parts or recievers, ask them to get in touch. There are lots and lots and lots of those. Thanks guys!
  8. Aurora MKII Turntable (upgraded) Will sell less am if preferred? TT & Arm $2900.00 ONO This is the upgraded version as apposed to the one on the Origin Live site - thicker plinth and much better motor mechanism - paid an extra $350 NZ The Aurora MK2 turntable follows in the steps of its high performance predecessor but with improved looks and still higher performance. Derived in many aspects from Origin Live's award winning Aurora Gold - it represents unrivalled performance at this price point AND well above it. The Aurora MK2 will comfortably outperform many more expensive decks even when fitted with inexpensive tone arms and cartridges. Investing that little bit extra in the turntable almost always results in a considerable overall saving. The strengths of the Aurora MK2 lie in its superb transparency, coupled with tangible sound staging and imaging. It is very neutral and will suit most systems exceptionally well. You can expect this turntable to give you many years of listening pleasure. http://www.stereotimes.com/turn072308.shtml A lovely TT Origin Live Silver arm The Silver is a leading high performance tonearm offered at a fraction of the cost of other high end arms. The arm builds on the success of the highly acclaimed Origin Live OL1 and Rega arm upgrades. The fully upgraded OL1 is listed among the world's "super arms" for performance and frequently mentioned alongside names such as the Linn Ekos, Naim Aro, SME V, Graham etc - these arms all have certain strengths and excel over one another in different areas. However none could really be said to have all the musical characteristics necessary in a tonearm. The Silver addresses this situation by possessing a superb blend of qualities. It is this blend that makes it a truly great all round performer, able to excel in all aspects of music. All critical components are upgraded using advanced alloys and innovative techniques. The result of these changes is an incredibly transparent arm with superb tonal balance. The sound produced is free from coloration allowing previously unheard low level information to be noticed clearly. The arm exhibits a clean dynamic sound coupled with a tight and powerful bass Go ahead, compare this arm with the very best available. Attached files
  9. I have 2 * 0.8M RCA pairs of the above i/c for sale. Introduced in 1993 the model is still in production and the standard UK price appears to be ~UKP230 for this size. I bought mine in the mid-90's from Eastern HiFi when they were in the Broadway Newmarket shop. They are still in excellent condition. Asking price $185 a pair or $350 for the two pairs. http:////www.vandenhul.com/p_B47.aspx
  10. With the 18 year old preparing to leave home her household powers are waning... Now I can sell-off the CDs she refused to let go of earlier this year. Singles are $8.50 each, sets negotiable, and postage is free within New Zealand. I will post representative snapshots, however there are more CDs than shown here. For a complete set of snapshots please PM your email address. [You'll notice that the final shot is of my Unico valve CD player. I'm open to offers on this of around $1000. It has been tube-rolled with ECC82s and is in excellent condition. There is a rave review of the player in the AudioEnz archives.] Attached files
  11. I think most of you know what these are. Its on tardme, but of course anyone on here who is keen, PM me. As of yet undecided on its replacement, but I have a couple of ideas floating around and its just not ideally suited to my system. I wont be giving it away though...
  12. Selling off a wonderful black Perreaux R220i. Got given this amp broken and have had it repaired by Perreaux themselves. Had a board replaced and it is perfect now! Like new and Very well treated by the previous owner. Comes with RF remote, box and instruction manual. Live in the Auckland region and would much rather have amp picked up. $2900. Amazing amplifier for the money! Call 027 204 3719 or 413 6072 if you would like to view
  13. Bought these bits earlier this year and built up a music server. Great combination but overpowered for my needs (I underclocked from 3.2 to 1.8 GHz). Have purchased a much lower powered fanless Atom on-board CPU setup so these bits will soon be up for grabs. PM me if interested.
  14. Hi There! Was replaced under warranty by Oppo. It's just the drive part, not the whole player. I was having loading issues, turns out it was an assembly problem rather than a fault with this component. I can't test it, but it was removed working. I'll take an offer. PM me.
  15. Xindak DAC 8 In as near to new condition as you can get. Its not exactly old - about 3 months. Manual and original packaging included. This thing is built like the proverbial - it is heavy ( far heavier than either the Cyrus or the BC DAC's ) Fully isolated/shielded transformers, AD1852 DAC chip, USB, Toslink and Coax. Single ended and balanced outputs. In the few reviews you will find on the web ( or forum postings ) people consider these to be in the company of the likes of the Benchmark, StelloDA220, Sim 300D etc. For the money, its more than a match for the Cyrus DAC X+ in all but the absolutely immediate timing of the Cyrus. My reason for selling? I needed a remote controlled system, for domestic harmony reasons - and while this DAC has a remote ( billet Aluminum at that! ) it just was not working for me in my system from a convenience point of view. I saw the chance to get into a remote controlled unit, so grabbed it. Sonically, its actually very near either a Cyrus DAC X+ or a Bel Canto DAC3. It is a little unique in that it offers both a tube driven output, and also a SS driven output. I prefer the tube output. ( E88CC ) New price? In the UK they sell for about 750GBP, from a RRP of about 850. I saw one in Sydney for $2K AUD, which I thought was a little optimistic to be honest, it is, after all, a Chinese brand, not American or English. Importing one from Cattylink ( about the cheapest "reputable" online retailer I am aware of ) will set you back $USD1033.67, or about $1390 on todays exchange rate. Plus, if customs do their job properly, another 15% for the GST. PM me your offer - but don't insult me please. The last one I watched on Ebay sold for $680USD.
  16. I have a Crsytal Semiconductor evaluation kit comprising both A to D and D to A. This is about 12 years old and as new. All manuals and original packaging included. Its free to a good home. Maybe you want to experiment with it and learn how these things work? All I ask is the postage cost. Attached files
  17. Just bought for 2 months, unbelievable bass, so wide soundstage, very elegant to fit your furniture. Best partner with blu-ray players. No scratch, almost brand new. In perfect working order, everything(manual, cables, original box, warranty card) is there. Still has 10 months warranty. RRP: $499 Ask Price: $450, buyer pick up at auckland. Companion® 3 multimedia speaker system •Premium stereo performance for those who prefer a three-piece computer sound system •Two small desktop speakers deliver lifelike stereo sound •Hideaway Acoustimass® module produces substantial low notes •Handy control pod includes volume, single-touch mute, headphone jack and auxiliary input http://worldwide.bose.com/axa/en_nz/web/companion_3/page.html Attached files
  18. Magnepan Magneplanar MG1.6 loudspeaker Bought new 1999 SN 093407-01/093407-02 Excellent performance Small blemish (nick) on RH speaker cloth, otherwise excellent condition. Original manual and boxes available. Buyer picks up or arranges shipping. Special AudioEnz price $1175 ono
  19. OK, so I have a few spare cartridges for sale. OPEN TO OFFERS. Not sure which to let go and which I want to keep, so all depends on what i can get for them. So here they are. Denon 103R Wooded (about 100 hrs) Audio Technica OC9 MkII (less than 50 hours use) Goldring 10xx cart with variable stylus e.g can be 1006/12/22/42 depending on what you want (10 to 150 hours use) Ortofon Red (less than 100). Ortofon OM cartx2, no stylus Audio Technica AT95e (as new) PM me for more details etc Cheers Cliff
  20. Theres one at Webbs Auctions this evening Fairly scummy condition, no idea whose it was or if it works. Looks like a Mk2. M
  21. Hey all. In my stash of bits and pieces, I have a pair of Perreaux 2000B amps doing nothing... They have been used as PA amps, but are in pretty decent order. Early to mid 80's. 200wpc @ 8ohm, 300ish@4 and about 600 bridged mono@8. So pretty grunty amps. Very, very similar ( maybe identical electronically, but I am happy to be proven wrong ) to the PMF2150, although the chassis is not as immensely solid and its layout is different - where bits are mounted as opposed to electrical layour. I used to have a 2150 and from memory, they sounded identical, but that was on speakers of lesser quality than I choose to listen to now........ Not definitely selling them, but seeking expressions of interest. Ebay Oz has a couple on there for $800AUD at the moment, and I know that Perreaux gear is a bit cheaper here than there, but that should give a bit of an indication as to the values...
  22. Hi All - I have a pair of these I picked up recently - in excellent condition and working fine - all original caps, etc. As I ended up picking up a Perreaux 350P I can't justify keeping these as well (as much as I'd like to). Just looking for what I paid on TM ($1450). Vintage Classics in great condition - only 2 owners prior to me, the original purchaser in 1986-87 when they were new, and the subsequent owner who had them for about last 12 years. Only work done on them is starter board upgrade by Plinius around 1998 (as original one in one amp was apparently a bit dicky so they upgraded both amps to newer boards).
  23. I have had this for approx 9mths, just talking up too much space as I also have a Wharfedale 10" making a 5.2 setup but I need to make it a 5.1 setup and free some space. Its an overall good sub with good response. http://www.polkaudio.com/homeaudio/psw/index.php?s=psw110#psw110 Any offers PM me Pickup in Howick or Mt Wellington
  24. As in title. As new copy of 3rd edition. Free ; pickup preferred , will post but would want postage covered.
  25. HI there guys!!!!,selling my pride and joy Perreaux Radiance amp which is on trademe at the moment. It is a very reluctant sale but i need the money for another project!!! It is an awesome amp and i know some of you will know how good it is. It is 3 years old and is in MINT condtion(2 years left on the warranty) I want $3500 for it which i reckon is a bargain(on trademe at the moment for $3700 buy now) I am open to the idea of a tradedown to a Perreaux E160I,200I,or maybe a Cambridge Audio 840 V2,plus an relistic cash offer on top of the trade. First in first served really!!! Dont let me regret this :eek: LOL
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