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  1. Thanks. I've done some more reading and there seems to be a few others with similar issues with their Samsung TVs, I've played with the settings and seems to be still doing it. I'll have a look at new cable, any suggestions on one, will need 3m.
  2. Ha thanks, I'll try everything else first and use it as a last resort. Thanks, eARC was off so I'll see how it goes and then have a look at receiver settings if it's not better after that change.
  3. Thanks, I have used a brand new cable when I bought the TV, 1 month ago. would you still suggest changing it? - I'm not overly keen to change it as the cable is run through the wall and TV is a prick to get on and off. Belkin Advanced Series High Speed with Ethernet HDMI Cable (5.0m) Model: AV10050BT5M SKU: 357287 PLU: 722868892442 3D Full HD 1080p support, 18Gbps bandwidth, Single-shot gold-plated connectors create precise contact for low signal loss 4K @ 60Hz + HDR 1
  4. Hey All, I have a yamaha rx-a830 receive paired with a samsung 4k tv Q60A. It is connected to the receiver via HDMI ARC. We watch movies using the TV as a source as it has the 4K Netflix etc and the receiver does the sound part, however every 5-10min the audio drops out for approx 1 second before returning. When it drops out the speaker icons disappear on the receiver. I have a PS4 and turntable also connected to the reviver and have noticed no drop outs. both the receiver and TV are upto date with their firmwares. Any ideas on how I can resolve this? Thanks, Glenn
  5. It seems to be better way / more cost effective way of doing it. If I look at the fundamental reasons for upgrading, it's primarily to improve my 2ch aspect of the system, I am reasonably satisfied with the current HT side of things (except for the centre speaker).
  6. very difficult. the other advantage of upgrading AVRs is for atmos
  7. Its going to be tricky, at the moment I'm leaning towards keeping my current AVR as is and adding an integrated amplifier, but that may change with more research and discussion with my partner.
  8. Wonderful thanks, certainly sounds like the better way of doing it.
  9. Thanks, I'll look into, do you have any suggestions on integrated amps to start to look at? If I think about it, I probably use to more for 2ch audio than home theater
  10. Hi All, Its come time to start upgrading my home theatre/hifi and would like some advice. The idea is to do it step by step over a year or so. I use my setup currently for watching movies, listing to music - digital, vinyl. Currently I have: Yamaha rxa830 receiver Yamaha 150 series speakers (5.2) 85" 4k tv Project turntable Schitt phono preamp I am thinking of upgrading to Bowers and Wilkens 700 series speakers in 5.1 - Front 703s2 (if i come across 702s2 at the right price id jump on that) surround 706s2
  11. Item: Rotel RB1582 MKI or MKII Price Range: negotiate Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Black finish preferred, will consider similar 200w stereo power amps. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. Hi all, The urge to upgrade the home theater has come. Time to get some ideas from here. Thanks, Glenn
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