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  1. I never would've become like this if I didn't know sound could be that good
  2. A friend at work let me try his LCD-2's - they sounded really good compared to what I had (just some old Audio Technicas / Sony WH Mx3s and Pandas). After that went down to Addicted to Audio and tried out some of the higher end headphones there (LCD-X, HD800, Arya and Focal Clear MGs). Ended up walking out with the Clears because I loved them. Bought a JDS-Labs Element 2 to pair with it. Loving it so far. Partner bought me a Moondrop Aria to try for the IEM world too as my bday was on the weekend
  3. Hi there, I'm relatively new to the audiophile hobby, I've dabbled with mid-fi headphones but only recently got more into the hi-fi end of it. So far it's been fun but it looks like theres a lot more to explore and experience.
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