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  1. Thanks Al. Appreciate it. I'll keep my eyes out for some decently priced B&W bookshelves. I think I'm going to land at 5.1.4 after some further research. I can't place speakers parallel to the couch as the Dolby guides suggest and not sure if 4 bookshelves behind the couch will get the results I'd expect from this kind of investment...I guess I can always look at converting the garage into a dedicated theatre at some stage!!
  2. Thanks for this comprehensive information Al. I don't get the keys to the place for another month but will try to take some photos at pre settlement. I'll see if I can get a chance to hear the smaller ones as you suggest. For rears would you suggest the cm series or 600 s2? Or are the m1s OK? I see there is a deal ATM.. although I don't need a sub and centre maybe they could swap out with some ceiling speakers?
  3. Hi stereonet crew. I've recently committed to buying/purchased a new nad t778 amp and b&w Pm1 fronts. I also grabbed a cm1s2 centre. Although I've already gone well over budget I'm now thinking about finishing off the set-up with some surround and height speakers. I will try and be patient and wait for a good opportunity but wondering what people would recommend to match the gear I've already purchased. I'm considering anything between 5.1.2 to 7.1.4. But I want the surround speakers to be discrete and don't want to pay through the nose for atmos speakers that inevitably I'll
  4. Hi there, just sent you a PM with some questions. Keen to understand these things a bit more and whether they are an overkill for my purposes.
  5. Thanks Andrew for the sage advice and the sub. I look forward to testing this out in a few months once I'm in the new pad. Pleasure doing business with you.
  6. Cheers @warweary wow. I had no idea about that site. I fear I'm about to get sucked down another rabbit hole. The Denon's do rate highly everywhere I look. I was going to hold out to see if Yamaha can come back to the table as I have some other musiccast gear. But something like the x3700h does sound pretty decent. And I'm assuming that anything more powerful is just an overkill for the front speakers I'm looking at (say Monitor Audio Bronze 100 with the 150 Centre).
  7. Hi Stereo netters I just bought myself a NAC CI 980. Not exactly sure why? I guess I thought it was a decent price and that I might find a good use for it. I just want to confirm whether my logic (that brought me to this purchase) is sound. I currently own a Yamaha WXC-50. I also plan on buying a new A/V receiver that will have two zones (possibly a 2020 model Yamaha but maybe something else depending on what gets released in the next quarter). These devices would then deliver music to a living room (no TV), a family room (with TV and either 7.1
  8. Hi guys, thanks for welcoming me in to this forum. I'm just browsing the interwebs atm dreaming of an upgrade to my current setups (I've got a Yamaha YSP-2700, a Yamaha 1067 with old Accusound speakers and a WXC-50 musiccast box, and some other retail Sony and Samsung gear). More technophile than Audiophile but grew up with a NAD/B&W set up that my old man owned so appreciate that level of quality, This site looks like a good place to get advice on the next set up and see if I can get some good value second hand gear to complement whatever new toys I decide to buy!
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