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  1. Time for an update - I’m having to share the music room these days with my wife working from home - so I’ve been relegated to the back half - sold the marquis at the start of last year. Was a hard decision as I simply loved them but I no longer work and money is tight so some sacrifices required. One of my xindak mono blocks **** itself and I could not get it repaired and investing in new amps that would do the marquis justice was not going to happen. I tried to make do with some of my collected speakers but wasn’t really enjoying my system. all that has changed in the last few month
  2. Some nude shots of my d200 viscounts - these little morel drivers are amazing
  3. Something about a cold dreary Adelaide hills Friday evening makes me want to wrap myself in Nicks album of somber piano laced lyrics
  4. Quick query does anyone know what thread size I might need for speaker spikes for my viscount d200s? Kiat thought M6 but wasn’t 100% - I presume all the vintage duntech speakers and stands of this era would be the same - also any suggestions of well priced place to purchase - I don’t need spikes sprinkled with magic audio dust - just cheap and cheerful will do this cheap arsed owner 😂
  5. Realistic minimus 7 sold for $50 back in the day (AFAIR) - still can sell for that today 😂
  6. We just need Marc to purchase this and run a members loan system
  7. Little known Adelaide band that really went nowhere - but l like this album
  8. I’m a fan I’ll give you $2 😂
  9. I enjoyed his commentary - apologies if it’s been posted elsewhere
  10. Adelaide hills boy who deserted to Melbourne - great vocalist and really enjoying the three self penned singles he has released recently
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