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  1. Thanks wen, much appreciated. Still on the hunt If anyone has any further recommendations.
  2. Looking for a well-fit amp for my new set of Wharfedale Denton 85ths. Currently running an old Kenwood KR-3200 which is doing fine but will be replaced for something modern with more power, nuance and refinement. The few that have interested me so far are Pro-Ject MaiA DS2 Audiolab 6000A Leak Audio Stereo 130 - A little pricey and underwhelming dial and knob quality for the price Budget is around $1500 but I've included the Leak because it's a decent deal with the CD player and recommended by a few as a good compliment to the Dentons.
  3. Interesting, so I'm on the right track. Amp is a Kenwood Kr-3200 connected to a set of Wharfdale Denton 35ths. Severely underpowered at the moment, but wanted to upgrade the to posts to get the best I can out of the amp before a modern upgrade.
  4. Quick beginner question for you @muon* that you may be able to answer... If I'm running low gauge, high quality wire from my speakers to the amp, isn't the high gauge wire from the binding posts to the board limiting the audio quality?
  5. Thanks for that, I did go through that post already. It looks like it will be a full DIY job including custom making a plate. Shouldn't be too much of a big deal, time to dust off the soldering iron.
  6. Looking to upgrade the old spring-clip connectors on my Kenwood KR-3200 to something more modern to play friendly with my Wharfedale Dentons. I'm not scared of some wire cutting and soldering to get the job done, the current connectors have a fly wire soldered to the board so there's room to play with new connectors. What I'd like is some advice on which connector type to go for and if there is a pre-fab plate available in the un-orthodox A/B vertical, L/R horizontal terminal layout (see pic). Thanks.
  7. Does anyone have experience with the NEXUM TuneBox 3? I’m after a reasonably priced streamer for my 70s Kenwood amp and the TuneBox popped up. Looks like it offers some fantastic connectivity but there’s barely a peep on the net about it. if you have any info/advice/experience/input, I’d love to hear it.
  8. Howdy, just began my hifi journey with the restoration of a 70s Kenwood turntable and receiver matched with a fresh pair of Denton 85ths. Looking to delve a littler deeper with a good network streamer and eventually a modern amplifier to get the best out of the dentons. Don’t worry, they will be on stands in the near future.
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