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  1. Interesting your 2007 yo board has 16V 1000uF caps and 2000uF 25V. My 2004 board had 10V 1000uF and 25V 2200uF. I went with low ESR power supply rated caps on mine. Did just replacing these on yours fix your problem?
  2. Hi Fire, you have no idea how much your post and photos here have helped me out with my own situation. I have 3 x DD12's I'm trying to keep running at the studios and one of them seems to have become faulty. Symptoms seem similar to your experience. Powers up but won't pass a clean signal, just loud bursts of noise/distortion. After removing the amp module and looking at your post here to see what ebc electronics did for you, it seems those 3 caps in the power supply could be the culprit. I've since removed those and replaced them, two of the old caps did measure under spec so I'm thinking thi
  3. Thanks for the welcome. Interestingly Duntech & their American counterpart Dunlavy made big inroads into mastering studios worldwide. In Australia, Studios 301 had Duntech Sovereigns in every room at one point. Deluxe Mastering in Melbourne has Duntech Regents, I've had Marquis for 12+ years with NOS matched drivers and crossover mods performed by Kiat at Duntech HQ in Sydney. On the worldwide mastering stage, the most notable person who had Duntech Sovereign was the legendary Bob Ludwig who is now using Egglestons but in the B room Adam Ayan is using those Sovereigns. Colin Leonard of SIN
  4. Thanks for the welcome, I master for digital DSP's, CD, Vinyl (prep only not the actual cutting side). As for who, here's a run down of some select clients - http://matthewgraymastering.com/clients
  5. Hi All, I'm new to the group but not new to audio. I run Matthew Gray Mastering in Brisbane where I have been polishing and QC'ing audio since 1999. I've attached a photo of my studio which shows my main mastering studio and the dry hire mix studio above the mastering studio. Both rooms are equipped by Duntech C4000 Marquis Classic Series speakers, Pass Labs X250 amps, Velodyne DD12 subs (3x) and some other smaller speakers (PMC RM-1's, Russian Cubes). Joined this group to get further info and advice on Velodyne amp module repairs.
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