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  1. Much better! I had joined that Facebook group that ThirdDrawnDown had mentioned and had a few members steer me in the right direction, but also some that made ludicrous offers. For instance the BX-300 for $150 and if it was in good condition $300 absolute maximum. I'm not trying to turn a ridiculous profit, just get market value to get some money in mums pocket as she gets older. The gear I have for myself, the Yamaha stuff, is that any good? I obviously know it can get loud and sound really does travel with the system but honestly I just got a bigger then normal a
  2. Hey guys thanks for your responses. I understand that you may not like me to use this site primarily as a classifieds option to on sell what I have, but as my dad was apparently right into this stuff, I figured it's only fair to give other enthusiasts first crack at it. Keeping it would be great but realistically I don't own a record, tape or cd and it would just take up room and not get used. I am however keeping the train set and sporting memorabilia. To tie in with the audio side of things, I do have my own set up with a Yamaha v-485 amp with Yamaha ns51 speakers. It'
  3. G'day guys completely new to the hi fi world and have dad's old hi fi system that's been reconditioned. I know the turntable is a Luxman PD-300 but I've been advised that the arm is an after market part. I can see some numbers underneath the lower part of the arm but I don't want to go playing around with something I know nothing about. I can't read the numbers or photograph them with my phone but I'll keep trying.
  4. Some good looking bits of kit in here ?
  5. G'day guys, just a quick hello. I've inherited some pretty handy hifi equiptment and I imagine I have to get a few posts up before I can sell in the classifieds. Couple of rare items, a solid cd player and tape deck along with a couple of amps and a good set of speakers. How many posts required to list items for sale?
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