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  1. Mrs Tel's car needed a thrash (it goes to the butcher, greengrocer and cafe a few times in the week and is lucky if it does 10km), so I headed out to Daylesford and then over to Kyneton for a bit of a crate dive. Some days you find nothing, and other days the gods smile upon you. I paid $12 for the Feargal Sharkey! It's probably seen a turntable twice. And I got to beat the missus' car like a ginger step-child too. Today was a good day.
  2. This little trio. Whilst I am not, by any means, an aficionado of Rap or Hip Hop, I think it is important to have a few seminal works from genres that are not your mainstay. Always useful to be able to compare new releases in a genre against stone-cold classics. (I'm not really in to jazz either, but I have a few titles from the likes of Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis for the same reasons) The Foo Fighters title is a compilation of covers and has one of the best covers of all time. It is rare when a cover is actually better than the original, but it happens. Check out their Bak
  3. If there is enough demand, I shall dredge-up my notes and craft something. I still well-up just thinking about it nearly 30 years on 😭
  4. Q: What do you do when Discrepancy Records advertises 20% off on a radio ad? A: You buy that ****. That's what you do. Some old holes being filled*. And some new acquisitions I've never owned on vinyl before. * I have a tail of woe about what happened to my first record collection where I lost some beautiful, original 60s-90s vinyl that I may tell on here one day.
  5. You're probably spot-on there. Due to physical limitations of representing low frequencies on vinyl, the bass would need to be altered to go onto digital formats otherwise it wouldn't be heard. The DR scores for vinyl on the website I linked to are post-phono-stage. As some will know, part of the phono-stage's job is to apply the RIAA (or alternatives) equalisation curve to the output before amplification. This gets around physical limitations of cutting proper bass frequencies on vinyl. The job of remastering is to take the levels at post phono-stage and mirror them in
  6. Bang on. That's why I pointed towards https://dr.loudness-war.info/ - on the entries with many submissions, you can find the year of issue for a vinyl recording (initial releases, represses, reissues, remasters etc) and see the remastering differences in the later CD/streaming releases too. It's an eye-opener. Some component items will screw with the overall DR scores/averages due to deliberate "art" preciousness of silent tracks. e.g. Sigur Rós on Von - "18 sekúndur fyrir sólarupprás" (18 Seconds before Sunrise). It still gets a DR score of 6 even though it is 18 seconds of silenc
  7. Phew... I'll dangle it out there again though. Rolling Stones - Wild Horses
  8. Don't make me dig-out Daryl Braithwaite again ffs!
  9. Supertramp - Bloody Well Right
  10. The dynamic range example could easily be explained. What is the recording in question? Was the DR greater on CD release material? Does it pre-date digital and had been remastered during the loudness wars? I have numerous 60's, 70's and 80's pre-digital era vinyl releases that are referenced on https://dr.loudness-war.info/ showing DR scores of 12-15 alongside references to corresponding remaster releases on CD issued in later decades with a DR of 6-10. If Qobuz took the remasters from this era, then there is an indicator of why. If MQA is a genuine attempt to make things better, t
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