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  1. I had a look at that Mola Mola one. Yikes! Worth more than my car!
  2. Thanks for the info everyone. It all helps make things a little less bewildering. Yeah, bright does my head in as does too much bass. I see Schiit do a reasonably priced pre amp called the saga s. I wonder if that would be an ok pairing? Maybe I'll email March Audio.
  3. Thanks for the info and feedback. Would you suggest something like the March audio p252? Any suggestions on what decent pre amps I should be looking for? Sorry, even though I've had hifi stuff for 30 years it's all been at the cheaper end (NAD 7020, NAD C326bee, Toys Minstrel) so really I'm a bit of a clueless newbie😁. Cheers, Pete
  4. Hi all, Getting back into hifi after 25 years. I'm currently using a Chromecast audio into a topping E30 then NAD C326BEE to Orpheus Apollo VI speakers. The topping DAC and Apollo are new purchases. Down the track I'm looking to upgrade the amp to either of the two mentioned in the title. Looking for a basic integrated not bothered about onboard DAC or phono stage or even an earphone socket. I'm purely streaming for the moment. The absolute stretch of my budget will be absolutely maxed out at $2700 ish. Any suggestions as
  5. Hi Andrew, I did ask Kiat about this directly and he steered me away from going down that path. He wasn't keen on it. He didn't exactly say why but as the manufacturer I guess he knows what he's talking about. Tbh I'd rather put 1K towards a better amplifier. Pete
  6. I wasn't considering Australian made speakers but have ended up with a pair of Orpheus Apollo. They were just within my megre budget and sound fabulous!
  7. I almost bought a Bluesound node 2i a month or so ago but decided against it. Using a Chromecast audio with toslink cable to a Topping e30 DAC. Good results and works flawlessly. I'd suggest trying that set up if you are an Android household. Can even use voice commands through Google home if you have one. It is super annoying when expensive gear acts up.
  8. Yes, I'm finding it's very easy to get carried away.... I have a long history of gearfreakery in outdoor gear which I'm finding translates very well into hifi gear😁.
  9. Thanks for the tips, I'll try some of those whites accoutic square things. With the power supply could I use something like an Anker power bank instead. Might be worth getting a clean power supply for the e30 too?
  10. Hi all, Maybe a month ago everyone gave me some excellent advice on getting a DAC (Topping e30) to hook up to my Chromecast audio which had great results. The money I saved in that case (was thinking about a Bluesound node 2i)was now free and I thought my old Royd Minstrel speakers could do with replacing. After almost buying various speakers I ended up getting a pair of Orpheus Apollo Vi at a great price (thankyou Kiat) and it is a huge improvement! Now I am on a slippery slope of budget hifi obsession thankfully tempered by limited funds and I'm wondering
  11. My heart was set on the Q Acoustics 3050i. Then I heard these for the first time today on my crappy NAD amp and an ancient cd player. No fancy cables, no listening room (in a warehouse) and I was in love. I have been listening to music non stop since I got home😁.
  12. Ended up getting some ex demo Orpheus Apollo speakers today. They sound absolutely fantastic!
  13. Thanks Dan, much appreciated. It will be a five hour round trip to have a look at them. Funnily enough the amp they have is the exact same model as mine (NAD C326BEE) so that should give me a pretty good idea how they'll sound.
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