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  1. There's a brick and mortar Selby store near me. I went in a few weeks back to test speakers and found the staff there to be really friendly.
  2. Lower volume and lower bass is not a huge issue for me given we live in a fairly narrow property with similar homes near us. As long as the bass doesn’t fall of a cliff with the left most speaker I’ll be happy. I’ve trialed moving one of the couch’s around and reckon we could end up putting the speakers against that northern wall and maybe just use them as dedicated music speakers and leave the tv as is. This way I get ideal speaker location and don’t have to live in darkness. Win/Win! The only con is no tv integration and I’d have to move the other couch a little so it doesn’t blo
  3. Thanks @muon*, agreed that speaker location would be ideal for the room. Initially we've put our TV on the left hand wall because that's where the power sockets/antenna are and to avoid the glare of the window but like you said maybe we'll have to switch the whole orientation around to ensure the speakers fit the best. I might play around with the fit this weekend to see how it would work. Any thoughts on the size of the speaker for that room? Seems like there's no exact science in terms of fitting a speaker size to a room but I'd hate to just under-do it after all that effort.
  4. Hi All, Admitted audiophile amateur here. I've been looking to grab a pair of bookshelf speakers to pair with my tv but the priority is to have them sound great listening to music. Whilst I'm still on the journey of deciding what sounds great to my ear (thinking B&W 706 or Focal Aria 906 so far) I'm not sure they will be the right fit for the space. My main concern is losing bass and mid notes given the length of the room. The room is a rectangle shape with dimensions at 9mx5mx2.5m. The room is a shared kitchen/living room space with the kitchen on the l
  5. Hi All, I'm a new member to stereoNET and here to introduce myself. I first became interested in HIFI after purchasing a pair of sennheiser 650 headphones and instantly fell in love with the quality of sound I got. Since then the hobby bug has hit me and my quest to find a great booksheld or floor standing speakers has begun (albeit slowly) I'm here to find out more about what all of you enjoy about HIFI equiptment and particpate in the discussion
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