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  1. I am using a Moon 230 HAD as both DAC and the pre-amp for the Holton One-Zero-One, which is then hooked up to some old Sonus Faber speakers (Concerto Domus) that I have - and which still sound pretty good to my ears!
  2. Earlier this year I was looking around for a new power amplifier and I stumbled upon the website for Holton Precision Audio, which I understand is based in Tasmania. The timing was fortunate, as Holton was offering what they describe as a new "entry level stereo power amplifier" called the Holton One-Zero-One. It fitted my budget (maximum of $2k), my general requirements (i.e. connectivity, power rating etc.) and I liked the look of the product (as per the photos provided on the website). Always keen to support Australian suppliers, I went ahead and placed an order and I am glad I did. I h
  3. Hi, and I am pleased to join. I love music ... and along the way I got hooked on hi-fi!
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