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  1. Only on a brief audition with a Moon 430HAD to bypass the inbuilt DAC. The Hugo2 was better than the ESS chip implementation on the Moon - a subtle but perceptible improvement in detail, clarity, separation which are all Chord strengths. the Cayin C9 doesn’t have rca in. Only analogue 3.5 and 4.4 inputs The only desktop amp i have at home is the Naim Atom HE. And I haven’t seen the need (not had the time) to plug the chord Hugo2 or TT2 into it yet. that and my Red dawn rca cables only arrived today…
  2. For those who’re not innately in love with the Chord output house sound (I don’t mind it) … the Cayin C9 does mix things up beautifully. Opens up that Hugo2 soundstage and adds an organic, lush analogue warmth to it. Not many other amps can run high gain without offending the noise Gods on an IEM
  3. For the price point ; above par. You're basically getting a quality Network streamer ; Roon ready end-point with in-built wi-fi/spotify connect/chromecast/airplay/digital I/O in a very high quality NAIM box. With the headphone amplifier. The tuning is very pleasant. Just a hint on the warm side of neutral. Technical ability it's not quite Chord TT2 soundstage/seperation/detail retrieval but from a tonality and balance perspective, it sounds very good with almost all headphones I throw at it. Utopia ; Empyrean. HD800S. My local A2A loves the Finals D8000 Pro out of it. A
  4. Oh Victoria ... having recently visited from WA, it was an interesting experience. Australia as a whole is rather complacent regarding 'Rona ... The Empyreans (using the silver plated upgrade Meze cable - I haven't really bothered plugging in the stock cable anymore) are magnificent out of the Naim Atom HE. There's something soft, silky about their tonality and vocal presentation that are just nice. That and they're super comfortable. We need to have a headphone meet at some stage. It's a shame we don't have CanJam or the equivalent in Australia. If anyon
  5. Lovely starter kit. I’d suggest enjoying them for at least a little while before moving on. Empyrean are lovely for enjoying. Utopia for dynamic drive and technical ability. And Susvara if you want to go two channel - may as well buy a $10000 speaker amp…
  6. The bird is fabulous. It’s one of those versatile things that pairs well and plays well with most everything. So it’s instantly enjoyable with its lush, complete sound. VFM is somewhat contentious. It is an IEM and the RRP on the cable alone is eyebrow raising. I enjoy the Utopia out of the TT2 just as much as the bird. it has however put my other IEM’s into disuse. Even listening to the Cayin fantasy on tour, itself a very respectable IEM each time I have eventually reached for the bird. Listening out of a venerable m11Pro. I’d be interested what the m11plus soun
  7. Lol - and tip rolled also As well. I’ve not yet auditioned the monster sony. How are you finding it? Especially with the new cable?
  8. It does sound technically very good. The soundstage and separation, detail and placement on the TT2 are right up there. Chord Hugo2 and TT2 were both designed with IEM’s in mind also. So on low gain will drive most IEM’s without concern. I haven’t plugged the andromeda in to see if there’ll be noise (suspect yes). The digital gain/volume also means it’s easy to get the volume just right. No channel imbalance whatsoever.
  9. Hmm… that’s hard. I was searching for quite some time. What’s your budget? Either a desktop solution that doesn’t take much footprint but no battery. Not many will do IEM’s. or a Chord Hugo2 with a 2Go module. (Very, very expensive) I would suggest a DAP with a decent amp output stage. There are a number of DAPs from Fiio, A&K and Chinese producers that will drive most full sized cans more than well enough. I wonder if some of the Audioquest DAC dongles may be enough … at the more budget level. Or replace the Yamaha headphones which
  10. A splash of black and red. There’s something special about pairing a Chord TT2 with the Oriolus Trailii. Astell and Kern SP2000 used as a Roon endpoint/streamer and optical in.
  11. True. I just plugged the Utopia into the Chord TT2 👌🏻
  12. Experimenting with sources / DAP and C9 pairings and the Cayin Fantasy. disclaimer: no conflict of interest other than the Cayin Fantasy was sent to me for a 14 day tour. Today is day 1. I own everything else
  13. Yet to ever hear or audition these. They look like monster headphones but have a reputation for being the epitome best of the best. Probably easier to drive than Susvara that sound their peak out of a speaker amp and super low volume on the dial to avoid blowing your ears off.
  14. Next time in Melbourne I’ll bring the C9 with the Trailii. Unfortunately last I was in Melbourne … was just prior to the latest outbreak and it may be a time before I return. aFutureshop are the local distributor for Cayin. The Cayin Fantasy was only just released and out on a tour sponsored by Cayin on Head-Fi. They’re fun, not without a few faults … listening to BA vs DD side by side, there’s a perceptible difference in dynamic attack and decay.
  15. Received a Cayin Fantasy on tour. Single beryllium plated 10.3mm dynamic driver. Paired to a Hugo 2 / 2 Go and Cayin C9 portable amp set to tube mode / Class A. Wow. Not bad for sub $1000US at all. Actually bloody technically excellent. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the fun, dynamic nature of a DD IEM or headphone. Until I realised the Hugo 2 / 2Go and C9 are …… way North of the sub $1000 mark.
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