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  1. My Grandparents beloved AU 4900 which sat unused in my parents garage for over 15 years until one day last year I uncovered it and instantly fell in love. My intention was to use it in my 2 channel setup at my new place but when I fired it up and got a couple of songs in, the volume pot went scratchy and then the unit went 'pop' and blew a fuse. A replacement fuse also went 'pop'. Given it's age and stock condition my assumption is it will need a recap and thorough service. It'll celebrate it's 45th birthday this year and I'd love to get it up and running a
  2. Hi everyone, 🖐️ I'm Matt, based on the Bass Coast in Victoria. Always had a deep interest in hifi and home theatre but other hobbies always came first and absorbed the finances. Now that I've got my own place and no longer playing in bands and not playing music as much, I'm keen to jump into building out my system and enjoying the conversations amongst other enthusiasts. I will be piecing together the first parts of my setup in the coming weeks so I'm looking forward to gaining insight from other members and sharing my thoughts and experiences
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