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  1. @blakey72 Yes, only reason I ordered was because of the 45 day return policy, which I thought would be sufficient time to audition in my own living room. @anandpkumar there is a standard 50 euro flat-rate worldwide to return the A400's (150 euros for the A700 floor standers). Not 100% sure whether amplifier is included in this or whether it is 50 euros extra to return. Either way if I hate it or think the cost is not justified I'm okay with swallowing that for a demo like this
  2. @DrSK thanks, ML1's look beautiful. MLT3 - a bit too chunky for me though and I realise that apart from room bass issues, I'm favouring bookshelves as I like the look of them better. Well I finally pulled the plug and ordered the Buchardt S400's with L150 amplifier which comes with DSP and is calibrated to the S400's. Maybe I can get some of the advantages of the active a500's without the drawbacks. I can see from the Buchardt facebook group that people seem pretty happy with them. Besides a500 not available until August
  3. The other variable I'm starting to think of now is my 9 month old daughter. She's already started tugging on my speaker stands. They are pretty wobbly crap ones, even so maybe something she can't easily pull onto herself like a sturdy floorstander might be the way to go
  4. @anandpkumar thanks those Dynaudio's look great. Those options remind that there is more out there. As tempted as I am to spring for the A500 or A400's I might sit on it for a little while and do a bit more listening and research
  5. Wow, that is one serious transformation of setup @Snoopy8 Speaking as someone who's had a micro hifi just sitting there for over a decade and only added a small DAC and sub to it, I'm definitely not a serious hobbyist in that sense. Usually I'm excited about the setup for a few weeks and then just forget about it and listen to music. So you could just be right. I'm giving this some serious thought.
  6. @Snoopy8 Thanks! Re: A500 I thought that the active rear facing woofer might be an issue with the corner placement but maybe I'm wrong given that write-up. I'm a bit ambivalent about actives. I guess it means I won't get to have the fun of geeking out on different components in the future :)) But also worried about throwing all my eggs in that one basket with a warranty that is only 2y and all those parts jiggling together in a small box. Still there is some appeal in the one and done approach and the promise of crazy synergy, so I'll give it some thought @Jehuty What a dope room! I'm ac
  7. Before you yell at me, please hear me out! Its going to be extremely difficult for me to get out of the corner placement due to the lack of other available spots in the house and WAF. My house isn't exactly small but there is a hell of a lot of stuff in it. My living room that I've wanted to place the speakers in is 5.7 x 3.5 metres. Plan is to place the speakers on the short wall about 3.5 metres apart with listening position a bit more than 3.5 so nearly equilateral. They'll be pulled off the front and side walls by about 1-2 ft max. Living room opens into a dining room through a wide arch,
  8. Hi there! Audiophile noob here with an old micro hi-fi - Denon M39 + Dali Zensor 1 speakers and a Cambridge Audio DacMagic, looking to upgrade to something much better this year. I've been following Stereonet for a while now but never actually posted anything. Looking to get advice about system upgrades and also maybe buy some second hand equipment via the classifieds
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