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  1. Cool, thanks for the replies guys. That’s a relief 👍🏻
  2. I think we're just trying to discern what could have caused such a deep crease. Did you remove the ear pads and fold them at some point? They appear on both sides.
  3. I just started getting into high fidelity audio after a visit from a very cruel friend. I've always been a heavy music listener and after trying some of my favourites through his setup, I was hooked. After he returned south to Sydney, I immediately embarked on setting something up. One of the kinder things he did was to introduce me to this community. Through the advice I've read on this forum and through the trustworthy lot in the classifieds, I have my first rig running. Within a month, I had a Topping A90, Gustard X16, a great set of AKG702s and AKG712 Pros, and the cables I need from Bill1
  4. I accept that and assume that to be the case. I tried both emailing and calling to no avail. Once I raised the PayPal case, they added the same tracking to that, but still didn’t respond. It was very odd. I assumed they were swamped and were too embarrassed to say so, or something of that order. In any case, PayPal quickly decided in my favour. Thanks for the suggestions all. I already have some longer XLR cables from recording music, so I’m really looking for short ones. I’ll check some of these places out.
  5. I just tried to pick up a pair of 25cm XLR cables from the audiophile store and HD a weird experience. After receiving a tracking number that stuck on pending, after two weeks, I had to get my money back through PayPal as they wouldn’t even respond to messages. I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen at a retail store before in all they years I’ve bought things online. Anyways, does anyone have a recommended place for a pair of short XLR cables? Apologies for the repost, I think I posted in the wrong forum before. The post had a little exclamation mark. Not sure what tha
  6. Item: USB Conditioner/Isolator Price Range: $40-120 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: This is no longer required.
  7. Hi John, Thanks, I will send you a message shortly. Many thanks, Sebastian
  8. Item: SMSL SU-9 or Gustard X16 Price Range: Any Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I'm looking for either of these two DACs in good condition. I'm new to Stereo Net, but I have on transaction in progress, and I can provide other references if required.
  9. Hi all, new member from NQ here. A friend of mine got me really appreciating hifi audio, so here I am!
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