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  1. Yes you're right you can read all you like and many people seem to have their opinions on xlrs but at the end of the day plug em in and see!
  2. I’m listening to mine right now. It just delights me. There are some other bits I would like to add to my system. I don’t have an accuphase CD. I still play my cds. I have a rotel RCd990. Been reading the reviews of the blue sound node 2 to replace my tuner. Also been wondering if there is any point using the xlr connections between the accuphase p400 and c240? They are there but I don’t know if the components are actually balanced so I’m not sure if it would really make a difference.
  3. Thanks Lloyd I know the site. Lots of reading there! I purchased my first tuner based on readings from there. It’s a Luxman t530. It was paired with a luxman LV105 hybrid amp I had at the time. I’m still listening to the luxman tuner now, problem is the Accuphase amps now deserve better. Maintenance guy for vintage gear never goes astray!
  4. Lucky him! Used vintage is what I can afford. Speaking of... I was just looking at the Accuphase t106 tuner (yes I still listen to radio unstreamed) the Accuphase site says the unit is 87-108mhz. Is there a Japanese version which is only for Japanese wavelengths or are they all the same? Anyway... realistically I should probably just buy a streaming dac and listen to internet radio. But hey I like the wood boxes, pretty lights and meters! Not concerned about service for the used Accuphases’ they are built well. There are people that can fix them here. Still worth it!
  5. Okay 👌Chanh...you have a room full??yours are nicer (newer) than mine! I can’t afford them. I’ve only got the bucks for the vintage second hand ones. Still think they’re great. Mine is p400 and c240. And yes Accuphase is weird with marketing hence the one official distributor in Australia etc. However, they are dedicated to creating great music machines rather than selling them. Theory being- great sound and build will sell itself. But yes if you say the word Accuphase to the average Australian they won’t know what your talking about. Audiophiles will though. I’m not sure I would call myself a
  6. All types indeed. I would probably start a fire or electrocute myself if I had tubes📛‼️
  7. Thanks for saying hi muon. Better welcome than not!😊
  8. Chanh, are you the authorised Accuphase merchant for Australia? I hear it is a person from WA. Anyway some lovely looking champagne gold in the pics!
  9. Yes Thomo. They are the clearest sounding amplifier I have managed to hear. They don’t add colour and the likes. To me they are like a clear blue sky. No clouds, just beautiful air! That’s not to say that other amps with colour, clouds or warmth-whatever you like to call it aren’t good. I just found that amps with colour warmth etc would play some of my music beautifully but not all. My accuphase plays everything without fail.
  10. Hello. I love accuphase. Tried lots of other stuff didn’t stop buying till I spent the bucks on accuphase. That’s all I’ve got to say!😀
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