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  1. The twin cable actually worked as there are two usb sockets on U1M. The sound from it is gradually becoming better. There is substance and palpability in voices and instruments.
  2. The duplicate album issue is sorted now. I actually had a mixture of flac and wav files on the NAS. U1M usb is now preferred over the AES after 24h of burn in. The latter was found to be too edgy. Regardless it hasn't surpassed my old laptop yet. Getting more acquainted with the Lumin app and as such easier to navigate.
  3. My usb cable is JCAT twin cable design which I could use with my laptop but not with U1M. I don't have an ipad.
  4. Got the Lumin U1 Mini this afternoon. First hour of listening it sounded like am radio which was way below my laptop Jriver streaming. The SQ improved quite drastically after. The USB output is disappointing so far. Hope I will get better. Found the AES output much better. Is this every owner's finding? Please feedback. There are also issues with the Lumin app used with Minimserver. I am getting album duplicates. They are not always exact duplicates, sometimes only a few tracks are duplicated. Please help to resolve. Sos!
  5. Evil, Thanks! I think I can handle that. But first I need to get the U1 Mini first. Any tips on where to get a good deal from?
  6. Thanks for this! Always good to have alternatives. Do you have one of theirs? On a Lumin U1 Mini too? I like having an upgrade path like this. Something to look forward to in small steps.
  7. I would probably go down this route. The SBooster is out of stock and there's no indication of a restock date. What's involved in the diy?
  8. Hey Snoopy8, thanks for the advice. I have just spent on a DAC. That's the reason I am not doubling up on the new streamer. I will check out the links you have provided. Appreciate comments and suggestions everyone 's put forward. Down the track I might even put in a DDC (digital to digital converter) between streamer and DAC.
  9. Hi, is the DCS Network Bridge still available? If so what price?
  10. Unfortunately I don't need any with in-built DAC, just a digital streamer. Thanks for clarifying about the DCS. That puts it out of my reach. The Innous Zen Mk3 and Lumin U1 Mini are about the same price. Any idea how they compare?
  11. Hi Jaycee, Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out.
  12. No, not building one. Lumin U1 Mini caught my attention. But concern about its switch power supply. Auralic is out too due to its bias towards Mac/Apple for control. The Innous seem good but I don't need a cd ripper. To me ripped cd files don't sound anywhere near the cd itself. Recently discovered Aurender ACS100, and DCS Network Bridge. In Stereo.net.au's review the indicated price is $6995, not $9995 as seen elsewhere on some Aus retailer websites. Any comments on these?
  13. Depends. But wouldn't be over $5k
  14. Very excited to be a new member and partake in reading and discussions of hifi gears. I am currently keen on streamer transports to replace an old laptop running JRiver
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