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  1. G'day, I recently purchased a Sony LBT-XB88AV which is like 20+ years old or some such according to the guy I purchased it from to hook up to my turntable. Not having owned a Hi-Fi system in my life I find the thing sounds amazing and its also a 5.1 system. Anyway I was in my local Cash Convertors when I spotted a pair of Sony SS-XB4V speaker for sale for $150. Their not identical to the front speakers on my system which are Sony SS-XB88V but they are incredibly similar and I believe off either a new or older version of the same system. My question is could I buy these and replace
  2. Hey, My name is Tony and at the age of 33 I've just started my journey into world of sound, starting to collect LPs and stereo gear. Looking for advice on equipment and knowlegde beyond my own
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