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  1. Try this youtube link - shows a step by step to set up moOde on a Raspberry Pi 4. You don't need anything more than the Pi, power adapter and a USB cable.
  2. +1 for moOde on the pi... can get any Pi off gumtree and do it relatively cheap. Suggest you look for 3b and above, gives you the flexibility to use wifi if you dont have ethernet cable near your set up.
  3. I may be the odd one out, but I may stick with Deezer and not go with Qobuz: I struggle to hear much of a difference between the two; ears made of stone or old age maybe Deezer's library is more complete than Qobuz - a significant number of tracks / albums that I have on Deezer are just not on Qobuz Their song recommendations / flows are actually pretty good Comparatively cheaper monthly fees If I can't identify huge differences in an A-B test between the quality of the two, then for me the larger library of songs I enjoy is going to come in as a major deciding
  4. I just got a RPi4 with Moode set up for less than $150, connects with Spotify Connect easily. Only requirement is that you need to spend some time setting it up (isn't difficult, there are youtube videos that take you through it). Once set up, it's set and forget. Alternatively you can also easily pick up a Gen 1 Sonos Connect for about $100 on the 2nd hand market. People are flogging these cheap as they aren't compatible with the new Sonos app, however they still work fine for what your friend may want to do with it. Old Sonos app works fine and I've been streaming Spotify Connect
  5. Check the track you are streaming, not all of them are Hi Res. Try one of the stockfish albums on Qobuz... i normally see some those at 24bit 88khz
  6. There are High Res tracks in Qobuz and they are identified by having the High Res logo there which gives you an idea of the quality. The High Res selection is not as extensive as I expected. For my sound comparison, I just picked two similar tracks (not necessarily flagged High Res) from both services and switched between them. It sounded like there was slightly better detail from Deezer.
  7. I signed up for the 3 month trial for Deezer Hifi - have to say i'm impressed with the quality so far, but selection isn't as wide as Spotify. Saying that, I just signed up for the Qobuz free month and for now, find that Deezer has a bigger selection and slightly better sound quality than Qobuz, which is a surprise. May just be my old ears and ***** song selections ?
  8. In my short play with Qobuz yesterday, my conclusions (comparing them to Deezer Hifi): Library may not be as extensive as I would have liked Comparing similar tracks, it would seem the quality in Deezer is slightly better I hope my preliminary conclusion is just because the full Qobuz experience is still not enabled for AU. Would be very disappointed if this is it.
  9. I think that's consistent with what Marc posted above. So far, I can say I'm a little disappointed. Qobuz's library doesn't have a number of songs I manually searched for that were in my Deezer library.
  10. I suggest you guys go try registering again now. I have just filled in the registration form and subscribed.... currently a happy camper streaming through the desktop app.
  11. Hello from Perth! Just started out on my audiophile journey, stumbled here and was surprised to see a bustling community. Mainly into headphones, DACs and tube-amps. Looking forward to learning a thing or two from everyone and building my end-game rig. Thanks!
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