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  1. Thank you. It is a wonderful speaker and in the best condition to provide many more years of great sound.
  2. Further information: I am offering my Q Acoustic 2000Ci centre speaker for sale. I recently upgraded my front speaker pair and was also advised to get a matching centre speaker. Therefore I had to reluctantly upgrade this. As part of my original budget HT setup, this was paired with 2 pairs of Voll B44's. This speaker had amazing clarity for music and dialogue and always punched above its weight. It is in Immaculate condition and well cared for. No defects or issues whatsoever. Also in top cosmetic condition. It is new-like! P.S: I did not even remove the prot
  3. Yes this is the advice I am getting but will it be terrible to match a different rear speaker? Just want options thats all.
  4. Thank you. As an audiophile noob, I had placed them straight anyways. But this is good to know and thanks for the feedback on Oberon 1's. Will definitely have a look.
  5. Update - I ended up visiting Clef Hifi and heard the Dali Oberon 5's. They sounded fantastic esp for their size and I felt they are the ones for me for now. Also ended up getting the Oberon Vokal centre speaker. After installing at home, I am very happy with my purchase. Currently only these are hooked to the receiver. Will connect sub tonight for 3.1. I do intend to connect with Edward in a few months for my rear speaker pair. At this pt I might switch to a high quality bookshelf speakers for the rear!
  6. Oh nice to know. Seems like he has created quite the successful side project. Nice mate! That is consistent with the feedback I am reading. Thank you so much for the offer! I live in the northern suburbs just 10 km from the Melbourne CBD and so it will be quite a drive but will surely PM you if I can drive down there when both of us have the availability.
  7. Hi, I am looking to upgrade from my bookshelf speakers (Voll b44). Many folks on here and other places have recommended Adelaide speakers. My other choices are Dali Oberon 5 , wharfdale diamond 11.3 and monitor bronze 200. Only Looking to upgrade front pair and centre. I did get in touch with Edward and he suggested the 8883SQTL Timberwolf or the 863SQTL summoner for me paired with the 253SQ centre speaker. Does anyone have experience with these specifically and can you recommend? I live in Melbourne and one issue is no audition available. Does anyone know
  8. Cheers. Will definitely consider this path and try it out.
  9. Cheers mate. I am checking them out. The look of these speakers are not so contemporary but the sound must be amazing judging by what others are saying!
  10. Hi my current 5.1 home theater set up is as follows: Yamaha RX v583 receiver 2 pairs of volls b-44's serving as front and rear speakers. Q Accoustics 2000i centre speaker Pioneer S-MS3SW 200W sub This was my first step into home theater. We moved to a bigger place and I want to upgrade the front speakers and centre making this a 3.1 setup for now. I will upgrade rear speakers later. My main use case is watching movies, listening to rock, metal, pop, instrumental + occasional PS4 gaming (have moved to PC) The volls were pretty
  11. Hi, I am Calvin from Melbourne. I am a beginner audiophile. I currently have a basic home theater with a Yamaha RX-v583 receiver along with 2 pairs of Voll B44's and 1 QAccoustic 2000ci and Pioneer sub. I am hoping to slowly upgrade this now starting with front standing speakers. I have browsed this forum as a guest on occasion and hoping to learn more from the experienced members here and hopefully contribute positively.
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