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  1. Hi Irek, the subwoofer is more than capable; there is a gap in the mids that needs to be filled. I've adjusted the crossover on the sub but the 5 inch drivers in the bookshelf speakers cannot keep up. I appreciate your input.
  2. Hi All, thanks for your replies. I will keep the sub as suggested and check out your recommendations for floor standers. Cheers, Graham.
  3. Sorry, the Krix are bookshelf speakers
  4. Hi can anybody help with pairing some floorstanding speakers to my NAD C372 integrated amplifier? There are so many options out there and would like to narrow it down. I'm currently using Krix KDX-M speakers and while they are fantastic in the high end, I want something with more grunt in the mids and lows. I'm using a Velodyne 12 inch sub for the lows but would like to dispense with it if I could find speakers with ample bass. I listen to a lot of prog rock, metal, jazz fusion and occasional mellower music. My budget is around $2000. C
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