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  1. Hi guys, Well, as I mentioned on my intro, I received a SONY TA-V715 stereo integrated amplifier and a CDP-V715 CD Player as part of a package deal. Unfortunately, while the CD Player works perfectly, the amplifier just refuses to switch on. I'm positive that I have the correct transformer (240>100V - 300W), so IMO that can't reasonably be the problem (I consulted with TorTech before buying). It could be that I've done something stupid, like not connect it properly in the first place, although admittedly it is hard for me to see how. Then a
  2. Further information: Purchased from Audiophile Store AU in mid-January 2021. Have included Warranty Card for future use. If you need more information regarding purchase, please message me. Condition is 'as new', or 'mint' - there are no scratches or marks on this unit to my knowledge. Supplied with the original items, including: Instruction Manual, Warranty Card, Micro USB to barrel plug 5V cable, USB A-B Cable and the remote. Original packaging is NOT available, BUT all items were sealed very tightly using a several-step process: 1) I place
  3. Hey everyone, After years of putting up with my Logitech Z speakers and having the cherished, memorable privilege of increasingly hearing them crackle and pop (12+ years of use will do that), I decided to get some new speakers. Originally, I was just going to get the Audioengine A5+ and be done with it. However, some wise soul, or wag depending upon your perspective, informed me that there was a world beyond the Creative or Logitech speakers that so dominate in the computer speaker world. Oh, to be sure, one can't complain about 12+ years of use from a speaker set, but
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