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  1. Hi Naz.shr, Looks like you've got two local buyers. I'm in QLD so if there's local interest at your desired price then this inquiry may be redundant. Happy to pay shipping on top of your asking price to the East coast if still available. Best, Nate
  2. As requested. Not the best photos as was taken with my mobile phone in low light! I must admit, I didn't buy the amp for its looks. In fact, based on the image searches online I was a bit underwhelmed, particularly compared to the 'big brother' Icon amps that have copper plate and other beautiful finishing material. That was before I saw the amp in person. Up close the build is very good including subtle touches like the black brushed front plate. The costs of the build clearly went to things like point to point wiring. Things like a remote control (convenience) and style flou
  3. Looking good! Yes, I'm familiar with fractal having built several computers over many many years. Another good 'silent fan' is Noctua. Looks to be a good rig you are rocking there
  4. It may be relevant to mention the heat. It is clear visually that the valves are glowing. We have had rain here the last few days and sub 30 degree temps. I'm not convinced that the Icon is running all that much hotter than the Sugden did, but it seems pretty happy and with the cover on I can touch the cover which is hot but more like a pleasant hot than scalding. I suspect I will just need to wait and see as far as reliability but based on the above have no issue given the size of the room, air flow and the option of A/C whilst listening. Thanks again
  5. I'd like to thank everyone for their input. I'm the proud new owner of the Icon Audio Stereo 25 MkII. I managed to muster up some extra cash and traded my P3/ +PSU on a brand new P6 as well. My Ania MC obviously came over to the new P6 also. The improvement over my old system for the above reason cannot just be put down to the amplifier, however the experience is note worthy. Having heard the Ania (with rega external phone stage) I do have a reference for the cartridge, however the P6 clearly adds a significant amount of detail and control to the front end. No d
  6. Yes, I found a doc online and 178~180 watts was the quoted max usage by memory. I think the 'heaters' use about 78 which is a factor in this figure
  7. This is great to hear, thanks for the info. As an interesting side note, I sent Sugden an email when it was identified that the Caps could do with replacing. I have an email back from them saying 'Replacing the capacitors would appear to be a fairly random suggestion'. As if a bulging cap wasn't enough? When I offered more info (age of the amp, that I live in Australia where the heat can be a real issue) I did not receive any further reply. I'm glad your experience was different. Happy to update on how I go with the Icon. I feel at this point its the way for me to go
  8. Yes, When the L channel first dropped we did some work on power supply which resolved the problem (at the time) but at least one of the Caps were bulging and as I wanted the amp long term I replaced the four of them. This wasn't the end of the work on the amp unfortunately and many issues, $$$ and down time ensued! As above. Doesn't make me any less endowed with the sound of those amps.
  9. Thanks Ian, Our listening room has a high ceiling and a floating floor. There is good air flow so this is good to hear your example. The Sugden is class A so it ran super hot in summer. May very well have played a part in what I would call its 'early' demise. I have two friends with A21a's also. None of us have a working rig 15-20 years on but can't say I don't love those amps. I suppose, what (if any) disadvantage is there to running a valve amp in a climate that regularly exceeds 30 degrees C ambient room temperature?
  10. Hi, I'm interested to hear peoples experience running Valve amps in QLD. Particularly as a primary listening rig and running through summer without air conditioning. Background: I've been an avid HiFi individual for many years. I've run into a problem over the last few years with my Sugden a21a (almost 20 years old) which started dropping the left channel. Without getting into that issue (exhausted) I am retiring the Sugden and looking to my next option. Specifically I am looking to an Icon audio Stereo 25 MKII. I'm not in a financial position
  11. Hi Peter, I wrote a response and managed to lose it in the ether. So here goes again: My answer is 'maybe'. I mean, at a high school level we were taught to listen 'through the layers' of music and using a range of musical language describe what it was we were hearing... words like Timbre come to mind. A parallel here might be sound staging. What, where (in the mix - is it buried, L or R speaker etc). That said, I've got friends of mine who aren't musicians and hear things in recordings that my musician friends would vague out on. It really is
  12. Hi, I'm an avid listener/ Musician having played saxophone and studied tertiary music (vocals) I've been fortunate to be born with a keen ear. I find the music in any listening really but Vinyl has been a vice of mine since I bought my first record at a car boot market some 23 years ago. Home studio - near field monitor set up Lounge room - floor standing loud speakers, Rega P3 and SS amp Have an interest in joining the community to extend my knowledge. Nate
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