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  1. All very good points. Fame and money, and even decisions do have their underestimated and even often overlooked ugly aspects. All your listeners are with you on that I'm sure. I'm happy just the way things are, as long as you keep those podcasts coming, at least once in a while.
  2. Yep, I'm one of those. You get more stalkers than listeners, eh? 😂
  3. By the way, a couple of weeks ago, your websites were still coming up in searches, they were broken. Now they don't show up at all. I think they are following the path of the sound quality of the podcasts.
  4. @Prince Arnold has been added to the question above, in case you ever let him out, he will know I didn't leave him out of the discussion. Not sure what good it can do me, though..🤔
  5. This sort of attraction feels totally irrational I must admit 🤔 And I can stop any time. But I don't. So, here I am
  6. Perfect for a Beatles 🇬🇧mix then! Cheers, mate!
  7. I just picked it up from a buy back shop not too long ago. Never been used. Couldn't find the manufacturing date. Need to record on it something appropriate for its era.
  8. @aris & @sir sanders zingmore & @Prince Arnold Your Sadness, It was quite a quest to find you just to share with you a few of questions I hope you could shed some light upon in one of your delightful programme's future episodes. Which properties/characteristics of audio system components (source, DAC, amp, speakers/headphones) should one consider when shopping around and in which order of priority? I am also curious what you think about affects(s) of ambient temperature upon (y)our experience of listening to music. Looking forward to
  9. Hi, I got here because I was looking for how to reach out to the 3 Sad Bastards podcast and it looks I might have some luck here. I wanted to suggest a topic or two for their amazing show. Thank you!
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