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  1. You are most welcome...yours should be very similar to this one but i do not recommend you change the idler tyre the way this guy did it ... you need to remove the idler wheel off the transport otherwise you are risking breaking off the arm and that is the end of it....
  2. that is the one but way too expensive... check this guy out in the US. i bought from him before and the belt kits work fine in my 670zx 582 bx300 and zx7 ..also no belts last for ever so the life time warranty offered by directnine, in my view, is rubbish.. http://www.wjoe.com/vintageandantiques.htm#naka however, please make sure it is belt problems before you proceed to buy the kit....idler change can be a challenge if you havent done it before... after you buy the belts i can change them for you for free only if you live here in canberra...
  3. it seems that your deck just needs new belts. You can source the belts from online and change them yourself.
  4. Did you manage to fix your problems. I have a 670ZX that did not record at all and it was fixed by changing out the orange caps ... It was sick with OCD.
  5. This is exactly the message new comers need on the site that can be accessed by all (members and non-members)... I totally missed this info.. I did not know I had an inbox and did not see the welcome and please read message because I activated my membership via my iphone....so may be it was my bad... sorry
  6. Thanks pete-mac and dolphy... just that after I signed up there was nothing to tell me that I had to post an introductory thread and had it approved before I could have full access to the site.... it was a try and error to get me going and I am pretty computer savvy ... I think we should have this info on the site for new signers and potential signers... when I searched for info of what I had to do after signed up I got a list of threads talking about it but I could not access them because I was not yet a full member ... it was like chicken and egg...and so frustrating...
  7. I think this is an outdated security measure, please make it easy to use like what the Americans do in AudioKarma, Tapeheads, etc... guys we cannot be outdone by the yankees.. also the lack/hidden of information for new members of what they have to do to post and answer to classifieds is frustrating....
  8. Hi Stereonet members, I am a vintage audio enthusiast and love to collect amplifiers, cassette decks and CD players from the seventies through to the nineties... and Stereonet seems to be the place for me to further my knowledge and enjoy my hobby ... looking forwards to spending enjoyable times here.... Cheers YL
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