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  1. There's a nice little accuphase E213 integrated amp on gumtree but im not sure if this is enough for the speakers?
  2. Thanks for replying, I will be looking at spending around 3k on the second hand market or maybe go new but I know you get alot of bang for your buck going 2nd hand
  3. Hey folks, I'm not too knowledgeable about hi fi stuff but I do have a lovely pair of Tannoy Saturn 10 inch speakers that as much as the wife tells me they are too big, I can never sell them. BUT I do need a good amp to fire them up and let them play their best. At the moment I have them hooked up to a cambridge audio 640 home theater system only running the s10s, the dream was to have a giant surround sound home cinema but family has gotten in the way and I know all I need is the floor speakers and something to drive them to sound their best. I will be playing vinyl on them and streaming spot
  4. Tannoy s10 guy here looking to find the perfect amplifier to make them sing
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