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  1. What were they traded in for, the upcoming D4s???
  2. Yes I see all the Tidal Led Zeppelin content is master, I've played a couple of their songs through both and no noticeable difference between either.
  3. I'm running everything through a Linn streamer so MQA isn't supported for a like for like comparison. The Amp is a McIntosh MA352 and B & W 803 D3 speakers and I like music loud so the difference is actually noticeably significant. I mainly play pop/rock but the track that really showcased the difference was Jon Secada - Just another day. On Tidal the bass just sounded incredible, shook the house while through Qobuz it sounded flat & had half as much punch. Apologies for upsetting any apple carts, just my opinion
  4. I've been on Tidal for 6 months and signed up to Qobuz to compare and I have to say I played about 10 songs and a number of them sounded considerably better on Tidal than Qobuz. Clarity and bass on particular songs was significantly better on Tidal. Good luck comparing. Cheers Ryan
  5. Item: Electrocompaniet Power Amp Price Range: Around 10k Item Condition: Used or Demo Extra Info: looking to get an EC power amp to run some new B & W 803 D3s Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. Hi Everyone, Introducing myself, I currently own some new B & W 803 D3s and looking for inspiration or possibly available amps in the forums to compliment my speakers. I was running a Rotel Integrated 1592 but didn't have anywhere enough juice and I'm now looking for a replacement. Cheers Ryan
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