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  1. Thanks Andy. You have confirmed my thinking on the SVS. Unfortunately any sub that goes below 20Hz looks to be too large for the space I have available, not to mention WAF. My amp does have preamp output, so can I confirm the best way to connect the sub is separate RCA cables from this output? Thanks again,, Derek
  2. Thanks, your comments reinforce a lot of my reading on the use of a sub
  3. OK, so I have very little knowledge about subwoofers and in particular their use in a 2 channel music only system, so thought I would ask the more knowledgeable members here for some insights and advice. Firstly, and I know this can be a contentious question, do I need a subwoofer or is it likely to improve my system; I have read several threads here and on other Forums about a well integrated sub adding a richness and depth to a 2 channel set up, but I really don't know. I currently have Monitor Audio Silver 500 speakers; these have 2 x 8" bass drivers in each cabinet
  4. You already have VM95 body, the ML stylus will bring out the detail without loosing the mids, and is the most cost effective of your options. That would be my suggestion.
  5. I don't have any cassette tapes, and agree back in the day I only had them for the car, but its not just Hipsters rediscovering tapes. My wife had boxes of them stored away, mostly all pre-recorded and some even signed by artists she had seen in concert, so she had a sentimental attachment and did not want to get rid of them but she had nothing to play them on. I actually got her a vintage deck, cleaned the heads and fitted new belts for her to use in a secondary system - she is now very happily listening to these again.
  6. Thanks for the link, as I said there is always something to learn. My initial thoughts were that the Sorbothane was not thick enough, really interesting to note that I actually had too much of it based on the calculator. For me that is sort of counter-intuitive and perhaps why it is difficult for people to get the right size of Sorbothane product for their needs. I guess it would help if specific Sorbothane products had min and max loading indicated, but my experience has been that is not the case, so you just try and guess what will work (without knowing about the calc
  7. I hadn't heard of the Whites anti vibration squares before reading about them on this Forum, so thought I would give them a try. My listening area is on the first floor of my house, so my floor standing speakers are on a suspended timber floor and need some isolation. I have them sitting on bamboo chopping boards which had Sorbothane pads between the boards and the floor. The Sorbothane was 10mm thick and 50 x 50 squares; this worked quite well. But having read about the Whites squares, I was in Bunnings the other day and thought that for $11 for 2 packs of for, I might
  8. I think we are talking about the same thing, but to me Tax is a duty set by the Government and paid to the Government i.e. GST or other import duties. The cost charged by a distributor would include the cost of the goods, shipping and import duties and distribution cost to retailers as well as their profit margin. It is when there is no competition that a distributor can raise their profit margin and the RRP increases. I could see no valid reason for the increase in the cost of the speakers I wanted; import and distribution costs may have increased a bit, but not 25% so to me this
  9. Is it tax, or the distributors mark up? When there is only one importer and distributor they have a monopoly and the individual retailers are stuck with the price. A few years ago when I was auditioning some new speakers at a local retailer, the ones I liked I was told had just changed Australian distributor and there had been a corresponding price increase to RRP. This was in the region of nearly 25%, even though the cost had not changed with the manufacturer. Luckily for me, the retailer had some in stock from the old distributor I was able to purchase.
  10. In respect of GST I have purchased through Ebay and Discogs from overseas and both charge GST at point of sale, even on 2nd hand vinyl, that is since the change of rules in 2018. For new HiFi equipment I think it really depends on what you are purchasing. I have phono stages from the UK which I could have purchased directly from the manufacturer. But with postage and GST there really was no difference to the price from an Australian retailer. No brainer, buy local. However I have bought interconnects and cartridges from overseas. These are light weight and shipping is
  11. I have not heard the 540ML, but I have the AT VM95ML and would say in it's price range it would be hard to beat. Having said that I also have a LP Gear The Vessel A3SV which is about the same price range, is also a ML stylus and for me is better than the VM95ML. It still has great detail and balance but is a little smoother, perhaps not quite as clinical. The only issue with it is it has to be ordered from LP Gear in the States. I ordered one last year and with all the Covid issues it took several months to get here. If there is a problem with it you also the hassle of
  12. I don't know if you have made your decision yet, but I did the same and auditioned a number of amps at Carlton Audio to pair with my Silver 500s, including MF, Rega, Cambridge Audio, Rotel and several others. The staff there were very helpful and basically replicated my home system and swapped a number of amps in for me to audition. I ended up with the Rega Elex-R.
  13. The phono stage in your io is the same as the Rega Brio amp, it is very good and probably wouldn't be improved by a Fono. I have the Elex-R and also had a Fono and could not tell any difference between the integrated phono stage and the stand alone.
  14. I have a 2M Bronze on my P3, which I got after hearing it at Carlton Audio after auditioning new amps. Liked it so much I had to get one. I previously had Denon DL-110, which is good but Bronze is better and has replaceable stylus and can be upgraded to Black. I do use a 3mm spacer as the carts are taller than standard Rega carts. You could also consider AT-VM95ML or LP Gear The Vessel A3SV, I have both and they are almost as good as the Bronze but in same price bracket as the 2M Blue, but IMO are better than the Blue.
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