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  1. Got this Rega Apollo from @Berkel last week! Using it as a transport through the Topping E30/L30 combo via the Nikko Equaliser that mixes it beautifully! Thanks to everyone here! I'm staggered by how good CDs sound here, super natural and even better than my vinyl player (something I never expected). The whole system costs less than $1k (second hand fwiw) and is such a pleasure while listening to a huge range of pop/rock/RnB rap. Daft Punk Discovery and Best of Jackson 5 CDs have been my favourites so far, who knew going to the home office could be this fun!
  2. Hi, Those are the ones! I've got an elementary Marantz 7.1 that probably does 100 WPC at best. 2 Floor standing and a centre for $500 does seem pretty elite hahah. Might have to upgrade to a bigger power amp! Cheers @hififan
  3. Hi everyone! I've got a mate who's happy to sell me his old speakers for $500. Just wanting to know what kind of amplifier would need to drive these well? I'm still happy with my Audioengine A2+ powered speakers but this offer seems too good to turn down! Help me out! There's all this mixed information about Mission and whether their Made in China status has negatively influenced their products! Thanks anyone and everyone in advanced
  4. Looking forward to seeing the listing! Absolutely interested and keen
  5. Thanks mate! Really good info wowee. I'll go to my local hi-fi and give it all another listen. Especially gonna make note of the dac in each and find that dream dac-brand combo. Hopefully you have that exact combo! Gonna hit up your videos too! Love the dedication from the first one I saw. Cheers Digging around at op-shops and grabbing the ones in good condition! My locals actually always seem to get decent new donations every couple of weeks. Also helps bring able to claim student discounts that gets everything under $2 50 each. Absolute bargain
  6. That's the argument that I've always got in the back of my mind. Already I was blown away by the E30 & L30 combination playing directly from my pc's blu-ray writer. Seems like I'd get much better value for money upgrading my tiny (yet still super pleased with them) Audioengine A2+'s and get some higher-end speakers. I'll keep an eye out for cheap cd players but I reckon my ears would appreciate the money in other areas! Cheers
  7. I've got a bluray writer in my pc that does a great job ripping that is then outputted to the DAC. I've had a crack at my own streaming using raspi but I'm hoping that I'll get a more natural-sounding result through a CD player. Can admit that I find digital audio "signature" and quality etc a bit confusing compared to traditional analogue!
  8. Best help ever. Can't believe I spent days researching in circles by myself when there's bespoke community advice here! Definitely gonna be looking out for Marantz or Rega players second hand now. Especially that 90s Marantz information is amazing. Delicious insight
  9. I don't listen to classical but rather love the layering of pop/rock music (hence why CD format works so well). Seems like the low resolution won't be too much of an issue so this is very tempting! Build quality looks great for $500 too! Never heard of this brand but I'm seriously tempted wow. Time to look at the classifieds if there's a similar hidden gem
  10. Happy to go $500 if it's at a similar or better level as the new entry-level Marantz players. (I still don't know the difference between new players and ones made in the 90s) Generally like the build quality / musicality of Marantz so might give this one a go with more info! @Cafad What's your take?
  11. Keeping an eye out! The rega is actually my favourite! Had a listen but it's a bit exey at 1k. $750-$800 is top dollar for me. Cheers for recos!
  12. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Consonance-C-120-Linear-Hi-end-CD-Player/114685589197?hash=item1ab3cb36cd:g:xVMAAOSwta1gKjeh What's good about this player? All I know about CD players is that a BB 32-bit is desirable and usually the disc-tray quality is usually indicative of the interior wiring!
  13. Hey! Already ripped my entire collection using dbpoweramp! Sounds great through DAC/amp combo! I've been looking at streaming - still learning how to properly configure a raspi using Plex. Also just keen to hear what a decent low-mid cd player can offer, even if it's PureDirect through a DAC system. Definitely gonna look at the classifieds. Got a bit of cash thanks to Jobkeeper
  14. Hola, Bit of a CD enthusiast taking advantage of the $1 CD prices even though they sound unreal on a good player Topping E30 / L30 Combo Meze cans Rega Planar 1 AudioEngine A2+ WAITING ON CD PLAYER
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