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  1. Great tip thanks. Balanced one does have some excellent reviews and is based on Audio Research circuit. I will check others out. I will see if I don't get anytime to do something myself to hit him up for a build cost. EDIT: Audio Research LS7 found on sale on ebay rn but $3000 imported with japan or usa voltages on them. Japanese seem to be charging most these days for everything in used market. Schiit should be around the price range you have given and IS BALANCED! thanks for the suggestion, now to see if a 220V shows up otherwise here comes yet another transformer ha
  2. Thanks guys I had a look at this current ads and also saw a bunch of spare transformers. This opens a whole new rabbit hole for me now as then I started looking at all the PCB schematics and designs plus Goldmund schematics on various forums. Geesh! I really do not have time for another project ha! but I am now making a parts list and will eventually get to DIY route on this myself. Background is engineering hence the obsession with circuit designs and components used plus pathway and signal distortion. Might not be the most musical way to look at things but certainly customisable the DIY rout
  3. Cool yep not much reviews to go by on this new kit. the Yaqin integrated top ones have moved to Psvanes too. Nothing in preamp world by Yaqin in new era atm. in balanced setup been eyeing this Tube Pre. Circuit looks honest and simple too. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HiFi-Vacuum-Tube-Preamp-Class-A-Single-ended-Balanced-XLR-Stereo-Audio-Preamp-/254012527611?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  4. does look nice. Big gain on the output stage. The pc2002s are sensitive to even 0.7v and this has max 22v output!! I have been eyeing this in the unbalanced world with psvane tubes. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/274348037411
  5. Great! Thanks for the tips along the journey. Couldnt find Chamilas ads or work anymore but seen a load of them clones on sale on this forum in my google search. I have to run everything balanced now ha! And as you are aware bad components and design in balanced can actually make it worst than standard RCA 2ishVolts. So good engineering is key. Speaking of engineering the Gustard engineers are achieving some great circuitory magic
  6. Thanks for so many suggestions to eventually try. I have heard about the KT88 combo on these so might pull plug on a 100B eventually. I do run them loud at times and that’s where the SS big watts headroom kicks in. I ran them with a Sansui G6000 which was warm and dynamic but even that conservative 65watts power at times wasn’t good enough for some modern drum and bass genre types. It was great for others and totally get how dynamic at mid highs will shine on tubes. I might get a tube pre for time being to get the tube color in and see how it compares to the Gustard x16 goi
  7. Interesting. For those using Tube pres, seems like you are happy with that bit of distortion as the bit of colouring is musical? I’ve had some China tube amp in past rolled with Russian tubes but I finally moved back to SS. I bought a Gustard x16 after audio science review on it and hoping it’s better than my onboard PC Mobo DAC, consider the two linear stages and chips being used. Plug fully balanced XLR with yammie pc2002m made sense. I should have bought from shenjen audio instead of aliexpress but it’s DHL and hopefully a genuine piece ha! unbalanced tube press plent
  8. The tech was actually their own tech in Japan part of their shop business. I liked dealing with them over this sale so much so that I am planning a second buy of these to bridge them as long as it’s from the same studio that kept them so clean and well looked after before selling them on. Well I have been thinking about adding a pre amp stage with yaqin likes but tube does add that colour. With new DAC and the focus on transparency and low THD metrics and these amp sounding so beautifully transparent yet not bright neither tiring, I am divided for now.
  9. Cheers mate, they mentioned fully inspected and tested by professional Japanese tech including offsets etc. but they did not mention re-cap perhaps because it still is within its limits? not sure. For now happy to leave it as is. I don't see myself selling this, its a 1982 legendary beauty. These meters look really cool, didn't think a pro amp would look this cool tbh but I guess the bulbs must be new. Also not a single scratch on glass, no fade on inside inserts in meters. It is v v good condition for sure but they did take top notch $1100 AUD minus shipping and tax. Oh best part
  10. Been running my NS1000M matched pairs on a Sansui G6000 pretty mint condition and serviced, for a while now. I found them to be very musical if you like esp for classics etc. but it always had that Sansui G series warmth if you like? The speakers just never opened enough (well now I know). Found a MINT PC2002M in Japan, been eyeing it for a while. Was a toss between this A-2000 and a B2X I also found but condition looked risky for gear this age. Finally pulled the plug on the PC2002M. It was the best packing I have ever seen, ever, like seriously imported so many over the years bu
  11. You are dead right mate! I ended up getting the right amp (I believe) for power and looks both. Imported a MINT (not a scratch, clean like brand new) PC2002M from Japan. The seller does charge you $ but the technician in-house fully checks them and has them running for hours before shipping. Best shipping I have ever seen as well, in terms of packing material used. Really impressed with the sound compared to my Sansui G6000, which was adding that classical Sansui warmth - which actually is musical for certain type of music I find - great even for classics. But the power wasn't there,
  12. want to check the classifieds for something interesting to drive my ns1000ms
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