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  1. Further to the 2.1 issue. I have had several good responses from a few dealers, several have said the same thing. The board is likely to cost $199. The fitting is unknown due to the fact they are not sure how in depth the procedure is, but more then likely the unit will have to go back to the dealer. They are not expected until much later in the year.
  2. Thanks CWT. You have reaffirmed my thoughts and I will be going the Anthem way! I wrote to Anthem re the HDMI 2.1 issue. This is because I have a 2.1 capable tv (LG OLED CX) & I am a gamer. This is the response I got. Hello Lee, They are an optional upgrade option for the unit, the units will not have HDMI 2.1 included in future builds. Chris | Technical Advisor | Paradigm/Anthem Support Team I have not read anywhere on the availability or price of the said board. (Has anyone heard of the update price?) What it does inf
  3. Thanks all for your suggestions & information. I believe the Anthem 1140 calls me. A few +’s The pointers Snoopy8 addded suits me fine. I do have a small/ medium size room & my Vaf speakers are on the sensitive side. I believe I’ll benefit greatly from the ARC processing. It meets my criteria and budget. I can always add amplifiers in the future. Kaynin’s advice also works towards the Anthem. The specs look good and people seem to like the Anthem sound. In saying that I will install my ceiling speakers first and give Anthem a chance to get ri
  4. The 1120.....that explains it. Your suggestions sit well with me. I’ve now been looking at the NAD T778. It has 11 channel processing/ 9 amplifiers. With Dirac and a modular design there is lots to like. It is appearing that the spec sheet on bits of equipment doesn’t seem as important as people reporting the wonderful sound coming through their system. Ie. The Anthem or Marantz SR8015. V NAD. The 8015 with all the bells & whistles & 140 watts. The Anthem somewhere in between and the NAD with only 60 watts and pretty plane. Even so, everyone relates to the outstanding
  5. Yes I see your point and it seems often repeated through these forums thank you. Having a rather old but sweet Sansui amp I might be able to run my L/R through it. If I still buy the AVR for processing and some amplification for the interim. I can then add further channels of power down the track. Anthem Mrx 1140 for $4400? Please tell me more!!
  6. Hi & thanks for the reply. I have considered the pre-amp option. With my budget I see it as difficult to get both a decent 11 channel processor and the amplification to drive it. Would you expect the separate items to sound better then say the Anthem 1140?
  7. I’m doing some research on 11 channel av receivers to purchase in the near future. The 11 channels narrows the field somewhat. Anthem, Denon, Marantz or Yamaha seem the only contenders. Budget top of 6k. Music is important as is HT. I’d dearly value the opinion or suggestions people may have on what receiver I should purchase. Also Dali Phantom E-60’s. Any thoughts on them? Cheers
  8. Loving the E-MTB. Even the uphills are fun! Newcastle.... plenty of tracks.
  9. Greetings All. New to the forum thing! I’ve been out of the ‘hi-fi / Home theatre circle for a while. Time to start shopping. Forced to update due to no HDMI on old Denon AVC A11SR (which I must say..... driving a 7.2 Vaf speaker setup, has not missed a beat in over 10 years) Looking to live & learn from some like minded people! Cheers
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