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  1. I've only ever used a sub once, and that was when I had my last iteration of equipment: Perreaux 2150/SM2 Michel Gyrodec Silver Edition AE1 on stands Marantz CD63 Mk2 SE (modified) Onkyo TX88 (I think) Richter sub (?) I wasn't overly fussed as I tend to listen with tone controls flat but volume up! Sub was great but not essential.
  2. Yeah I always loved the Meridian gear - very stylish, easy on the eye, and great reputation for quality!
  3. I had a car full of them when I was at Uni, so they were sold in the early Seventies, usually in a shrinkwrapper, or you could buy a box of 10 in hard cases.
  4. Welcome everyone. some exotic equipment there, no doubt!
  5. Welcome. Like me, back after an absence of about thirty years. But there will be no resurrection of vinyl. I'm all digital. Have you seen the price of records?
  6. The venerable SONY red cassette tape! Saw a few of those back in the day!
  7. Quite a resume. Welcome. Do you think being a trained musician helps you 'listen' more critically? Rega3 great turntable!
  8. Sounds interesting Justin. What Meridian gear do you have?
  9. Whilst some argue that Roon is not so expensive, especially for what you get, comparatively speaking I think it is. There are quite a few options in the media library/streaming sector that provide excellent interfaces and playback. I've tried all the demo players - Audirvana, Amarra Luxe and Media Centre 27 but not Roon. I looked at the website this morning but not real keen to give credit card details just for a demo. What are your impressions of Roon? Have you upgraded to the latest version? Welcome, by the way. Peter
  10. Each of those has some excellent equipment in their catalogs Dave. I've owned a Rega Planar 3 and can vouch for its quality. There are quite a few more modern manufacturers of turntables but I'd look at some vintage equipment in that regard!
  11. That sounds pretty good Paul. Welcome and I'm sure you will find things are 'loud' and 'clear'.
  12. Alas my Amber Electronics 50c amp is only working in the left channel so I may have to take it to get a quote for repair! Also, as I look through more hi-fi information on the Web I come to remember more things about my early experiences with hi-fi. I said in my introduction that I owned what I thought was a Sony cassette deck but as it turns out it was a TEAC A400. Hard not to forget that unit with its vertical tape transport window and rotary knob for play functions!
  13. If you like the blues, check out this new guy Laurence Jones. He has a few albums available, and he plays and sings amazingly. I've only just stumbled upon him by accident, but a listen to one of his early albums has me hooked. Like your collection especially Robben Ford, Eric Bibb, Lucky Peterson and Colin James! Good luck with your sale.
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