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  1. There is a lot of history and experience held within the collective memories of StereoNet members.
  2. You will know when you are blind when you confuse your wife’s niece (nearly same age as wife) for your wife and give her a friendly, newly married squeeze on the backside - I got glasses not long after that.......
  3. The 2 gold circular connectors at the top edge of the unit in between the 2 top lid securing screws.
  4. Audio - 1 was a great little store as they did not mind if you popped in for advice and a listen without spending a cent. In the end I think quite a few of my mates purchased a lot of gear of varying levels over the years from them.
  5. Just got the tracking number from Alan before and was able to confirm the mono blocks have indeed been picked up!!
  6. I think the shop in Neutral Bay with Julian (over the road from the Oaks) was Audio - 1 from memory. I lived in Neutral Bay from 1988 - 1993 and would often visit Audio - 1 before popping over to the Oaks - I found visiting the Oaks before Audio - 1 more expensive for some reason......
  7. Hi deblur, The NAD version of the Purifi Eigentakt appear to be a "dulled down" version from a power output side - 340 Watts into 4 Ohms vice March Audio's 425 Watts into 4 Ohms (in line with Purifi's specs). The i93 have been something of an end game speaker for me - I know there are better, but at what cost? Additionally, I have found with the i93, my VAF SW19 subwoofers are currently not required - plus VAF are always brilliant to deal with. I have recently sold a DEQX Express V1 unit as I did not use it (purely because every time I thought I was going
  8. There are 2 wi-fi antenna points on the back of the unit in the attached picture.
  9. I was a dyed in the wool "digital is the work of the devil" type guy up until 12 months or so ago when I took the plunge into a NAD C268 / Vault 2i and entered the world of "streaming" and digital storage. Mysteriously, my adventures into the "devils territory" did not result in the collapse of the time space continuum nor did the urge to drink blood and party with goats overcome me. The "modern / smart" ways have very genuinely rekindled my interest in music and audio.
  10. I think I have been to the "other" store and actually found them pretty good. Having moved to Canberra from Geelong late last year, I kept dealing with the stores I had been dealing with in Melbourne out of "loyalty" - a concept I am currently testing with one of those stores with the attempted return of my NAD C298. I am moving back to Geelong end of this year, so in the interests of interstate trade, I may as well develop a relationship with the "other" Canberra store and have them ship stuff to Victoria..........I mean, its only logical......
  11. I need to read these forums more! It was not until I read the above that I realised there even was an MQA logo on my NAD C658......and like you, I too cannot hear a difference, it's as if my ears are painted on.....
  12. The backlog issue appears to be impacting a lot of brands at the moment - I know the replacement C298 has incurred a wait due to them being sold out in country and waiting for new stock - I guess that is good in some ways as it shows people are at least interested in audio!!
  13. Let us know how you go - the new modes of amplification coupled with streaming have me genuinely interested in audio again. It appears Arcam have put their own spin on amplification using Class G topology - incidentally, like NAD, the Arcam software is upgradable which has fixed a few early bugs.
  14. Fire him off another email - I have had to on occasion - he always responds to the second email!!😁😁 The March Audio pre-amps (when released) will interest me as well. I am retiring and moving back to Geelong in October - may present an opportunity to listen and compare notes - last time I heard the Eos was at a hi-fi show, so far from ideal but even in that environment they sounded pretty good.
  15. Had another email from Alan last night re the pending pre-amps which I queried a few days before, so he is definitely getting them. I think he may be busy noting the timeframe to assemble / test / ship - I notice March Audio is probably better known outside of Australia given some of the inter web research I have done leading up to my purchase. If all goes well with the March Audio amps (and I have no reason to believe they will not be good) I will sell the new, boxed / sealed NAD C298 if the retailer does not refund my money.
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