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  1. As with anything audio it will be a matter of trying both options and whatever results in the best sound, wins!! or just spend more money?
  2. One last question. Is the supplied NAD mic really that bad? is a third party USB mic essential for decent results?
  3. If i can take two seperate sets of measurements and apply different speaker configurations and filters as required then thats a definite win. I will pay for the full version as well. $99 US for that amount of flexibility across the full bandwidth seems like a very reasonable investment. Thanks again for the assistance.
  4. Will Dirac help 2 channel listening when you are not absolutely in the sweet spot between the speakers? Again I realise its not ideal but it will be interesting to see how it performs.
  5. Hi Snoop, thanks for the response. I suppose i am less bothered about it being tightly focussed when viewing movies with the family as I would prefer everyone to get some benefit, however for 2 channel listening I would prefer a tighter focus for my main listening position. Can i save two sets of measurements and run a target against either of them or can I only have one set of reference measurements in Dirac? I am thinking I could have a focused(chair) Dirac slot for Movies and Stereo and a less focused(Lounge) movies option for family viewing? I have 3 usable Dirac slots on
  6. Hi All, I hope this is in the right area. I am trying to configure Dirac Live on my NAD receiver. My room setup has 2 identical 2 seater lounges side by side. facing the screen. This essentially means the arms of the 2 lounges are in the so called sweet spot. I know its not ideal especially for 2 channel listening but it is what it is. I am using the couch layout option in Dirac so my question is, should I take my first primary reading from directly between the lounges in the sweet spot or should I take it from my primary listening position which is sligh
  7. Hi All, Further to this I have been considering adding a c275bee to power my front channels on the T758v3i . Whist the receiver sounds fine up to fairly loud volumes I just think the dedicated stereo power amp will take the pressure off the receiver considering its pushing 5 x 6 ohm Elacs with fairly low sensitivity. Probably overkill but interested in peoples thoughts. Also any negatives in regards to Dirac Live coniguration? My thoughts are as the levels are set during setup the external amp should be irrelevant?
  8. Still a great place to live. I think its a similar tune for most young fathers...
  9. Hi Pararigger. Many thanks for the Dirac guide links. Much appreciated. I will do the Dirac setup on the weekend. Kick the rest of the family out of the house for a couple of hours! Having tested and used the unit over the last day or two along with the advice from Snoopy8, I don’t think its a matter of the NAD being underpowered as opposed to the usable volume range being higher on the volume scale than my Onkyo. Not sure i am explaining myself that well but hopefully you get the jist.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I will definately run Dirac soon, I am just finalising the room layout. I appreciate the offer on the mic and stand. I have a stand so I think i will give it a try on the supplied mic and see how much of an improvement it makes but I agree with your advice about the better quality mic ultimately getting a better result. I may take you up on it if need be. My lounge room isnt overly large but at least the -20db level indicates I am in the ballpark and the AVR isnt underperforming. It still seems lower power wise to my previous Onkyo which definat
  11. Confirmed the speaker polarities this afternoon. All good. Maybe its just getting used to another source and the Elacs are only a couple of weeks old as well. So many variables. The sound quality is definitely much improved. The Onkyo had plenty of guts but sounded like it was throwing everything at the wall all at once, the NAD is impressive so far for 2 channel listening on an AVR and that’s before running Dirac. Its very inconsistent across different tracks currently, one track will sound fantastic and the next a bit of a mess. Hoping Dirac can tidy that up. For
  12. Thanks for the response Snoop. I will double check the speaker polarities but I normally triple check these on installation to save any egg on the face moments but hey we can all make a mistake. I have been running straight stereo over BluOS and had the tone controls bypassed as part of testing. I am not a power junkie by any means volume wise but the fact it was down on power compared to my run of the mill Onkyo that caused me to question it. Will Dirac detect highlight potential polarity issues or do they expect you to be a big boy and have this stuff sorted b
  13. Hi All, I just purchased this receiver and the setup whilst not as user friendly as some of the mainstream brands seemed pretty straight forward. I have not run Dirac as yet but the basic setup is simple enough. My only reservation is the power output. Its rated at 110w across two channels and 60w all channels driven but the output seems a bit anaemic. I have Elac Debut 2.0 speakers in a 5.1 setup and my previous mid tier Onkyo NR646 seemed to drive these easier than the NAD, which surprised me. I would rarely get much past 55% volume when using the Onkyo but I am get
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