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  1. Update: The seller now refused to even cover the repairing and blamed my non-audiophile friend who picked the turntable up for not knowing better while he packed. He also said that he advised my friend it is not wise to ship it assembled which contradicts my friend's memory BY A LOT. According to my friend, he even said things like "it's secure now", "All good to go" and then wrapped two layer of tape around it. Even if it is true, I still didn't get all the original packaging as promised. Can anyone please recommend a good technician in Sydney? Looks like I can't count on the sel
  2. @cafe latte thanks for the information, negotiating with the seller now.
  3. @metal beatbeat Thanks a lot. The stuff in the picture is really all there is in the box and the table wasn't assembled (edit: it was assembled, guess I'm too frustrated to type) so I guess it is definitely not all of the original packaging as the seller claimed. I'm trying to negotiate with the seller to cover the repairing cost right now since I really don't care about the cosmetic issues. There was only one piece of foam in there, so.... guaranted disaster....
  4. Thanks for the advice!👍 I doubt I've ever felt adventurous in my life. Looks like I'll need to find a good technician. The seller said he had all the original packaging so I thought it should be fine... Turns out it's basically just the turntable throw in the original box with some air bags and padding...
  5. Gooday everone, so I recently bought a technics sl-1500c from a member on the forum but during the shipping process, the tonearm got stuck under the platter...(yes the heavy direct drive metal platter.) It was a mess everywhere, the lid, tonearm and platter are heavily scratched. The thing is I don't know if this is just cosmetic issue or there is some kind of mechanic thing going on. The tonearm is supposed to drop slowly on the record but instead I have to turn the lever all the way down or the cartridge won't drop at all. Every thing else seems working fi
  6. Actually, anything in the Audiovector Ki series (Ki C, Ki Sub) could work as well. Just realised I never get rid of ANY speakers that I don't use anymore😑
  7. Item: Wharfedale diamond 220c central speaker and spc-10 subwoofer Price Range: around 250-300 each Item Condition: Used, black or walnut Extra Info: I am trying to put together a budget 5.1 system with my old diamond 220 bookshelfs. Please let me know if you have any components in the diamond 220 5.1 package. I could pick up anywhere within 100km around Sydney with cash. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  8. @candyflip Thanks! I love those vintage technics but I was actually looking for the new ones that's being manufactured recently.
  9. Item: Technics sl-1500c turntable Price Range: ~$1500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Just looking for an upgrade to replace my Rega planar 1 plus. Other brands or models except vintage ones that you think worth the money or outperform the Technics are welcomed as well. I could pick up anywhere within 100km radius around Sydney. Otherwise I could pay for shipping. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. Chinese here, just had a look at the original item page on Taobao... This thing actually weighs at least 24kg (from experience $200+ shipping cost to Australia) depending on the model you choose and this doggy website charges you 20%-30% more on the original price! Basically, avoid at all cost LOL.
  11. Technically speaking, not today's purchase. However, this might have been the best $10 I've ever spent.
  12. Hi guys, this is Ian. Came to Australia a couple years ago, now in Sydney. I have been in the Hifi hobby for some time but kind of stuck at entry level. Right know I have a setup of Marantz mcr-611, Audiovector Ki 1 Super and Rega planar 1 plus. Hoping to learn more in the forum here.
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