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  1. Sadly DIY requires both tools and skills I don't have.
  2. Is there someone in Australia who does mods on Fostex T50RPs? I have a set of the Dekoni Blue version of the T50RP Mk III that I'm looking to install a balanced cable mod on.
  3. Clearly, I am learning things here. Thanks for the advice peoples. Those SVS 3000 Micros are pretty...
  4. Thanks for the input! That article is a great help. And yes. I am looking to fill out the bottom end like I'm mainlining chocolate brownies and ice cream as opposed to going loud. As for the REL vs SVS question, I have to admit I'm a sucker for bling and the REL subs, for the most part, are prettier than most of the SVS ones. My preamp has the ability to implement a high pass filter and it has Dirac capabilities so I was hoping that would help in getting things set up right. Positioning is always going to be a curly one. It's a living space as
  5. I have my LS50 Metas running through an NAD pre/power combo. Love the set up for the most part but on some recordings the bass can come across as a little anemic. So I'm looking to buy a sub or two to add to the system. I'm looking at the REL T series for its musicality although the newly announced SVS 3000 micro are also on the short list. Since I live in an apartment, I'm not looking to recreate Spinal Tap at 11 or give my neighbours the impression that Jurassic Park has set up in the block. I tend to listen at relatively low volume. 65 to 70 db average
  6. Have been running my LS50 Metas with an NAD pre/power combo. C658 pre and c268 power amp. Quite happy with the set up. Wanted the steaming and Dirac capabilities of the pre. Have heard the speakers with the Audiolab 6000a integrated in a smaller room. Sounded great. Just didn’t have the streaming and room correction. As for Burson Funk, a review involving pairing with the LS50s linked here.
  7. Noob Inbound. Require education.
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