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  1. Up and running..... 65 pound Lenco PTP4 build with Fidelity Research FR24 MKII tonearm and Ortofon SPU GE MKII cartridge retipped by Andy Kim with a line contact nude stylus instead of the original elliptical stylus. Tiger maple plinth with upgraded bearing, long spindle, idler wheel damper, SCuM copper mat, and tool less speed adjustment knob from SPH, and Simone Lucchetti Audiosilente idler wheel .
  2. Audio Technica 1240 with Funk Firm mat, and Ortofon SPU GM/E MKII
  3. Lenco PTP build with Fidelity Research FR-24 MKII tonearm is setup and running.
  4. Lenco PTP build... 65 pounds of analog goodness. She’s in the room now and will be fitted with a Fidelity Research arm this week. Three extra arm boards also for easy change out of tonearms.
  5. Using the Ken Uesugi pre/power amp combo together for the first time with the Jon Anderson Custom 604's
  6. I think once these new crossovers get some hours on them these things will open up to reveal even better sound than they already are producing. Really nice so far.
  7. Greg Metz STS modified Thorens TD124 MKII in custom plinth, with an Alfred Bokrand Custom Ortofon Tonearm mounted on a black sourced armboard, with a beloved brand new NOS Ortofon SPU Royal A cartridge, topped off with Nordost Quattro-fil phono cable.
  8. It can use either a 46 or 47 type power tube. It uses the 717a as a driver and it can use a 5ar4, 5ra4, GZ34, 5r4GW, or 274b as a rectifier without any changes. It is 13"d x13"w x18" tall and produces just under 2wpc and weighs roughly 40 pounds.
  9. Hello. Which one? I have two from Ken. The cube shaped is a 46/47 type tube, the other is a 42 type tube.
  10. Ahh yes Clovis. Small world. If you are ever this way let me know.
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