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  1. Thanks @Snoopy8 I have been looking at this model and reviews, it would be ideal for what I’m looking for, have put a call into them.
  2. Thanks @wadiman I agree and its received many favourable reviews and comments, many of which say this cart competes, and in some cases betters other carts in the $5k price bracket.
  3. Further information: I have for sale this pair of Furutech RCA interconnect cables 0.75m (measures 77cm tip to tip) with locking RCA plugs. These are in excellent condition, the tech flex cover is excellent no marks or fraying. Another of my reluctant sales, as I was going to keep these for my future turntable phono cable duties, but I have my mind and heart set on an amp and speakers for sale on here and these must go to fund that purchase. I am including express postage on these, they will be carefully triple bubble wrapped and placed in a box for sa
  4. Further information: I have for sale this Benz Micro Glider moving coil low output cartridge with less than 100 hours on it. This cartridge is in pristine condition, the canter leaver and stylus are also in pristine condition. Plenty of positive reviews on the internet. I was hoping to hang on to this cartridge for a future turntable purchase, but my amp and speaker upgrade costs have blown my original budget and sadly I must part with this cart. I have the original packaging and accessories. Photos:
  5. Thank you @Snoopy8 I had a NAD many, many years ago and a bit of of fan of NAD. Some of your suggestions I could buy new. I hadn't thought about active speakers and had a look at the Devialet phantom and reactor web site. Just a question, if I may, how would you connect a turntable to these? A good turntable is a definite down the track, so I would need provision for connectivity. I can see on the Buchardt, the hub has a line input for turntable and preamp. Thankyou also @Al.M I see many of your suggestions come up for sale here on the classifieds, lots of options to consider ther
  6. Thankyou so very much for this @anandpkumar I'm still getting used to this site and the search functions, I was looking for just the sort of information in those links, you've saved me a bit of time posting them here. Good advice and I'm checking the classifieds daily, there's are lot of good hifi equipment for sale on here and at a good price, I'm sure I will find something to fit my needs and budget.
  7. Further information: Up for sale is a VPI Prime turntable and custom made acrylic cover. There is no included cartridge. This is a very reluctant sale and only selling to fund an upgrade my hifi setup. My price is firm as I think this is a really good deal. RRP is $8,500. I won’t go into details and specifications here, please go to the VPI web site for this information. This VPI Prime turntable is in excellent condition, no marks, scratches or blemishes anywhere. The 230v motor is dead quiet. The platter spindle bearing was regularly
  8. I introduced myself in the new members thread yesterday and thought I would introduce my system and plans here. My current set up consists of a Yamaha RX-A3050 (yes its a surround receiver, but read on), B&W 702 S2 speakers and VPI Prime turntable. The VPI was to be the basis of my mid/hi end system but in hindsight I should have put the money in amplifiers and speakers, started with a budget table working up to something like the VPI Prime. I have a largish LP collection and see this as my primary listening format. The Yamaha does a pretty good job of 2 channel playback and I
  9. Hi, been an occasional guest here and decided to sign up. I'm also looking to upgrade my current system and hope to find something in the classifieds as I have a limited budget and used appears to be the best way to get onto to the upgrade path. I also look forward to participating in discussions here and hopefully get some good advice on my upgrade path from members here.
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