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  1. Will do .. many thanks for the advice - much appreciated.
  2. Only bright on occasion, when using the two pairs together .. works very well for some music though. The R7s on their own are not bright at all. I'm very happy with the speakers & think they're good value the for money. I can imagine that a predilection for Naim gear could get crazy expensive, if you had the wonga to burn - I don't .. & the ND5 XS2 has no input socket for an external PSU. Thanks for the welcome - all the best .. SJ.
  3. Many thanks for your suggestions Andy .. much appreciated.
  4. Hello .. Don't quite get how this works. I'm in London .. what drew me to the site was reviews on equipment that I own myself - generally very good reviews, which is encouraging. Creek 100A integrated amp https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-creek-audio-evolution-100a-integrated-amplifier , KEF R7 floorstanders (can no longer locate the review). Also have KEF R3s (R7s at the front, R3s at the side) - the Creek 100A drives the two pairs simultaneously, if needed, without getting anywhere near hot. The two pairs of speakers generally sound very good together - on some music things get a bit
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