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  1. Thanks Irek. I have yet to start down this road so not sure where i will end up...but am inclined to try and not go down a path which is limiting to start with.. hence exploring
  2. Thanks Snoopy8 both for your welcome and input. To your question, I did try the focal kanta 2 and nova combo and in my limited understanding and experience it sounded superb. I will go over the NAD M33 as you advised... Just to clarify my original question - i was wondering if in my exuberance over the Nova am I missing out on a 2 box combo of a streamer and an integrated amp which could deliver better results with the Focal kanta 2, without spending extra. I did see Naim has a supernait 3 - would that paired with a streamer deliver better than a Nova ? Thanks again
  3. I am a newbie to hifi so excuse my lack of knowledge. I checked out the nova/ focal kanta 2 and also star/aria 926 both of which are being promoted as bundles. My original intention was star/aria 926 - perhaps 948 as upgrade to 926 but am tempted to now consider nova/focal kanta 2 which seemed leaps and bounds ahead.. i now seem heavily inclined to kanta 2, but am trying to figure if the naim nova is the best choice to go with focal kanta 2. I have no knowledge otherwise so wanted to understand if i could go with a possiblr streamer/amp combo instead of the nova to go with the kanta 2 and have
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