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  1. Hi, i got a vintage Luxman L550 (50 watts in pure class A) and i don't know what is listner fatigue. It's like an addiction, it drags me into music for hours and i lost the sense of time. I turn off the my stereo just to do my "father's/husband's job". Pietro (from Italy).
  2. Yours technical skills are better than my Average Joe's arguments (and your english are better than mine to😅) but, i know one thing...... when i'm listening music like this: "The very best of Diana Krall" or this: "Nick Cave and th Bad Seeds-Ghosteen", i don't need to use tone control. But, when i'm listening stuff like this: "Big Star" or this "Soft Boys -Underwater Moonlight" i must use the tone control to avoid "listening fatigue". Goodfriends of mine, audiophile without compromise, when come to my home listening music for hours without mention tridimensional sound or huge or small soundsta
  3. I'm glad you are enjoing your listening way to. However, tone control, when done fine as on the top electronics by Luxman, Macintosh, Accuphase, not adds distortion but only color (more/less bass, more/less treble, etc.), just like cables or acoustic treatment do. Anyway the real pure sound is a "chimera", an impossible dream. A different position of the listener, furnitures, more or less carpets, and, mostly, our convinctions and "cognitive distortion" (for example, a lot of money we have spent for our "sonic toys"), create what for us is a perfect sound and for other a wrong sound. Important
  4. Classic rock recordings (Stones, Velvet, Stooges, Hendrix, etc.) or "modern" alternative rock recordings (R.E.M., Replacements, Husker Du, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc.) was very poor and anti hi-fi/hi-end. If you want listen to it and enjoy it, you need an integrated amp or a preamp with tone control! When you listen that kind of music with clear and ultra-detailed units, without tone control, is impossible to turn up the volume! Your ears and your brain hurt😂. I listen the same album matching my Luxman L550 with the Krell Kav 300i of a friend of mine. The Krell (no tone control integrated amp)
  5. Thank you, i know Australian English is a little bit different, i love aussie rock!😀
  6. Hello, my name is Pietro and i'm an italian guy (almost 48 years ago). I got a huge passion for the music and i want listen to it well. I love vintage amplifiers. I got Luxman Ultimate series (1981-1983). The amazingL550 (50 watts in pure class A) and the Luxman L530 (120 watts in A/B class the first 8 watts in pure class A). I love, also, the Magnat loudspekers, i got Monitor Supreme 1002, and Transpuls 1500. I hope i enjoy with this forum. Sorry for my english😅. Regards Pietro
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