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  1. I have had the same experience when trying to find some of my favourite artists on Qobuz. The albums I want to buy are available on Qobuz downloads but only to overseas customers. As soon as I log in to try and make the purchase it won’t let me buy those particular albums. Like you, I’m really hoping they add to the catalog. For now I have the 3 month Deezer trial to fill in the gaps, and will probably just go with Qobuz on a month by month basis for access to their Hi-Res versions of music.. which to me sound much better than Deezer’s CD quality and a bit better than Tidal
  2. Agreed, it seems to be a record label issue most of the time. One of my favourite bands signed with Sony between 1990-1993 and released two of their best albums during that time. The band now has no rights to that music other than being allowed to play it live. The two albums are not available on any Australian streaming service and also cannot be bought as a download either. You can only find terrible quality versions that have been uploaded to youtube. I want to buy these albums in CD quality but for some stupid reason the label won’t make them available in any format anywhere in
  3. As a few other people have pointed out one advantage of Qobuz is that the artists get paid about 4x as much per stream (correct me if I’m wrong). That is a big deciding factor for me + the bonus of a more ‘pure’ lossless signal
  4. Just started my 3 month free trial of Deezer and canceled Qobuz for now. Deezer does seem to have a bit more music than Qobuz but it’s integration with my Bluesound player is the worst so far. Favourite Artists are displayed in a completely random order and tracks do not show what quality they are until you press play on them. Sound quality of HiFi quality tracks on Deezer also don’t sound as clear to me as the Hi-res equivalent on Qobuz. I currently have Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer active all at the same time.. until middle of May when the free trials for Tidal and Qobuz end
  5. Very interesting. I didn’t realise that local files were any different to the streamed version?
  6. I also got the same email and am in the exact same boat as you. I have canceled my Tidal and it ends middle of next month.... I’m not really interested in any other audio formats other than FLAC... so this definitely won’t convince me to stay with them..
  7. If anyone is after an album to compare Tidal to Qobuz that is a bit easier to hear the differences. Try Pain of Salvation - ‘Panther’. The Qobuz Hi-res version of this album sounds completely different to my ears and I am noticing reverb, subtle background ambient noises and acoustic piano notes that I previously thought were electronic keyboard....
  8. For sure! After seeing that Qobuz pays more to artists and hearing your positive feedback on Roon, that looks like the direction I’ll be taking too. I really want that radio functionality for when I have guests over with different tastes and just want some background ambience. Using it as a way to discover new music would also be a great bonus.
  9. My guess is that a big part of the appeal is the radio functionality... a lot of casual music listeners might just want the music as background ambience without having to give much thought to creating their own playlists etc. Spotify is probably the best at that.. Tidal offers some basic artist radio feature too... but if you want that with Qobuz it looks like you would have to add Roon on top for the Radio-like functionality. At that point it is more than just $7 more expensive and a bit more involved than just downloading the Spotify app and being done with it in quick time..
  10. I hadn’t been able to find this information before... but I feel exactly the same way, would much rather support a service that is making more of an effort to support artists!
  11. Funny, I’m also using a node and streaming Kayo and HR music simultaneously today.... No issues. My internet connection is around 45mbps
  12. Well I just started my Qobuz free trial and they seem to have most of my favourite bands and a half decent amount of HI-Res. I listen to mostly heavy metal and classic rock. Have sampled a few Hi-Res tracks and compared to Tidal in MQA... initial impression is that the MQA on Tidal has a sharper treble in that guitar sound is a bit brighter and more defined... also a bit louder overall. I’m guessing that’s some sort of EQ thing? In comparison on Qobuz the heavy metal from the 80s sounds more like an 80s recording? A bit flatter / smoother / quieter. But yeah.. these are just VERY ear
  13. For sure it would depend on how good your HiFi system is to be able notice the difference. But I must say, I don’t think the services are a rip off.. this is the cheapest music has ever been... I just think it’s a shame the artists aren’t rewarded more. I would happily pay more for a subscription if all of the extra cost was allocated to the artists... *sigh
  14. Thanks for clarifying. I will have to give the 1 month trial a go and have a listen for myself. Deezer is also having a 3 month free trial at the moment... and so far so have been on the 4 month Tidal trial... if I space it correctly maybe I will never have to pay ?
  15. I have heard a few people say the same thing about Deezer sounding better than Qobuz. It sounds like Qobuz might not have the Hi-Res audio files streaming on Australian accounts yet? It’s odd because previously people have described Qobuz as having the best sound quality of all... hmm
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