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  1. im fine Im used to seeing forums going toxic so rarely get on one. All good
  2. im confused what add? I told another member I"m interested in his speakers. I told him what gear I have. I am not selling anything! sir sanders and others, please enlighten me where I have placed an add?
  3. Hi Angus Any photo will be helpful Did Kiat do the crossovers, or the woofer surrounds I have had two pairs in the last 30 years and know them well. Can you run them with normal mono amps or do you have to have two pairs of amps I know you can use jumpers and biamped set up. Are they in Melbourne? Boxed (unlikely) I know I have a lot of questions but im not a tire kicker I have an Audio Research Pre, Mark Levinson Mono amps Goldmund, kiseki turntable Esoteric PO5 and DO5. Sonus Faber Cremonas (miss my sovereigns)
  4. very interested in them. any photos? what did kiat do I live at Firle Cheers Justyn
  5. very nice tossing up if I want another anp Have ML 436 monos and De Silva Valve Amps.' Always wanted one of these.
  6. Looking for Duntech Sovereign, Halcro DM10 and Goldmund/Oracle turntable
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