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  1. Hey Ray, thank you for the reply. Yes, I’ve read about the poor crossovers and yes Falcon and Wilmslow Audio do an updated version. How did you find the Concerto’s? I’ve only ever heard them through YouTube. I’m looking for a relaxed, warm sounding speaker with no harsh highs and a deep strong bass. I’m not looking for detail and clarity. I find my ears just don’t like it and are easily fatigued. I read a thread on this forum where a poster did the crossover upgrade last year. I’m going to try get in touch with him, if he’s still about. I’m using a Sansui Ei
  2. Hello, new member here from the UK. I did once live in Perth Australia for a year though. I’ve joined because I’m looking to gather information on Kef Concerto’s. I’ve being doing a lot of google searches on that model and this website was always turning with forum threads talking about them. I’m looking to buy a set and then bring them up to the best standard they can be, so I hope this forum can help out.
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