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  1. Hello again guys, So, I was given these 2 massive speakers (Jensen axv25) and I began using them with my 2 channel amp and listening to some awesome vinyl. The thing is... it just didn't sound/ feel good to me! I am not sure if it's due to the speakers being 4 ohm and amp output being 8, or if the speakers just don't have a good dynamic range, or simply because surround sound front speakers (L+R) are just not built to be listened to in this way. I am still fairly new to this, so any advice/ information would be greatly appreciated. Note: I do have a pair of P
  2. Thanks so much to the guys that helped me out with these, I really appreciate your help Its so odd that people would fake Vinyl, I grew up in the era of burning CDs, so i guess i can understand lol @candyflip - Thanks a bunch for the recommendation! I was told to get an old/ original copy for sound quality, i always though reissues were badly mastered/ made (I've got a long journey ahead of me). Thanks again guys, loving this community!
  3. Hey guys, hope you're all safe and well So, i just purchased some vinyls and I am wondering if I should listen to them or are they collectable to some? The companies that produced this aren't English, so I am just curious if anyone can give me some info on them. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hey @pwstereo, thanks a lot for this reply. I already cleaned the lens and it didn't change anything. I really believe it may be the misaligned laser lens; because i have also did lots of research and people have mentioned this causing a similar issue. The problem is, i dont know how to align the or change the laser. On other cd players i see its a small screw that needs to be slightly turned, but i have no idea what to do on this cd player. Would you be able to help me if i share a pic of the laser? @rockeater Love this detailed reply! Well, i hope what your wife sa
  5. Hey guys, hoping someone can help me out here. I'm new to repairing hifi and would love to learn Issue: Well, it just seems to struggle to read the disc, then makes loud high frequency noise, then it just stops and says "no disc". I began trying to teach myself using Youtube and other sources, but some problems I just cant find the answers to. Anyway, Here is a video of my issue: The CD player brand/ model is: Advance Acoustic MCD-200. If someone knows or has an idea of what the problem could be, please let me know Thanks!
  6. This thread is here to prove my worth 😛
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