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  1. Tend to agree on the multiple sources rationalisation. Had the intention of taking up a vinyl habit but so expensive! So I am restricting vinyl as a 'special occassion' purchase. I had been feeling a bit down as I had lost my hard drive with all my music files in the move to Tassie, but on second thought all these files were compressed anyway - no real loss. So the focus is streaming - CD quality initially, and then perhaps hi-res when my equipment can handle it.
  2. Absolutely agree, but a bit limited in Tassie. I've noticed that it seems most members, and most kit up for sale, are in Victoria. So more hifi heads than NSW, or just more with upgraditis? 😁
  3. Certainly a left-of-field choice. Has a good write up at ASR too. https://audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/jbl-308p-mkii-studio-monitor-review.17338/
  4. Agreed - just starting out and leaning towards local manufacturers. I'm sure we have many world class ones! And no need to ship heavy items halfway around the world.
  5. But then how do you upgrade!..... I guess this option is not for those that like to tinker.....
  6. Been doing some reading on tube amps, but integrateds only. Why a tube pre and SS power and not the other way around?
  7. That option is very intriguing - with room correction and a multi-use hub it seems like it would do everything I need it to do, and Tidal Connect to come! Good write up.
  8. Also, are floorstanding speakers overkill in a room this size? I'm not a basshead so don't need oodles of bass, so perhaps a standmount would be best?
  9. Thanks Snoopy8, being TAS does make it harder to access good gear, both new and used...
  10. I should add that I am comfortable with used equipment if it is heirloom quality.
  11. Thanks guys - I'm looking to spend around ~3k on amp, similar on speakers, which will presumably be the bigger ticket items. Room is about 4.5m by 4m, and listen to a range of music but mainly alt-folk, vocal-driven pop, electronica and getting into prog as I get older!
  12. Okay, so firstly, hello everyone - it's been great reading all the advice and opinions offered in these forums - certainly helped clarify where I want to head on my hifi journey... I am finally in a position (I think) where I can think about upgrading my gear. We have recently bought our forever house and I have a dedicated listening and reading room - not huge, but a kid-free zone... Gear: Yamaha R-N602 network receiver. Thorens TD-295 mkIV (present from my wife...) Ortofon 2M Red Pro-ject Phono Box S2 Denon DV1940 as CD transport Cambridge Audio DacMag
  13. Hello everyone, After a brief hiatus I have finally setup my old system in my new house - and immediately feel the need to upgrade... I feel like it is time to get serious about my listening now that I have a dedicated listening room. I have been streaming more of late, which is super convenient, but have pulled my turntable out of storage as I would like to listen to more vinyl. I listen to a broad range of music - pop, electronic, folk, prog rock, and listening to Krautrock atm... My system: Yamaha RN-602 streaming amplifier/Thorens TD-295 TT/Pro-ject Phono Box
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