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  1. Hi guys, I'm a 22 year old that is into home theater. My system is TV- 75X950H Receiver- Pioneer VSX-934 Centre - Focal CC700 Rest of system - Jensen SPX series Subwoofer - SVS PB-12 PLUS/2 Here to learn
  2. Would you consider swapping a Monitor Audio Centre speaker ? C-150 Bronze, only a couple months old ?
  3. I'm happy to travel as this particular speaker won't fit in a normal car 🤣🤣
  4. Does anyone have a idea on what this unit is worth ? No issues and has the upgraded 12.3in SVS drivers Thanks in advance
  5. Further information: Hi, I'm looking at swapping my SVS PB-12 PLUS/2 for dual subwoofers or a single SVS subwoofer. ( mainly SVS but open to others ). I was going to put this in our dedicated room but things have changed and we don't have the room for 1 huge subwoofer. if you're researching this particular subwoofer then i don't need to talk about output and pure power this thing can put out. Have to have a look at cash offers 🙂 Happy to answer questions in regards to item listed. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include a
  6. Hi guys, Has anyone got a list of the specs for a SVS-PB12 PLUS/2. I can't find a full list on the internet Thanks in advance
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