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  1. My dealer was able to replicate the fault and it’s now on sonnets side of the court. Just waiting...
  2. I’ve been considering “downsizing” to a pair of these as the aesthetics are much sweeter(to my partner) then my PMC MB2se. This just made things interesting... curious what Omni speakers you’re looking at
  3. I was running it with a mod mic but I also like to get up in between games for coffees etc.. while still being able to chat. Bought a pair of Audeze Penrose today, an obvious downgrade in sound quality, but great for convenience.
  4. Further information: 1 year old, bought from addicted to audio, only used for gaming lately so I’m down grading to something with a mic. Auditions are welcome. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a reasonable donation for selling
  5. For anyone curious, I had my multi meter recording dc voltage across the various pin combinations over the last hour. And across the 2 signal pins I was getting 0.001VDC until all of a sudden it spiked to 0.5VDC. And moved to 4VDC as I increased volume to listening level. I’ve attached the graph of where the issue showed it’s face, the unwanted DC voltage was relatively stable however I was moving the volume a lot which is what you can see. The Morpheus was completely isolated from the system for this test with no source or amp attached thanks for the help everyone but this is well ab
  6. It happens with either cable sadly, I’ll open the Morpheus and see if I can get a visual on the right channel screen connection. Great idea, though with the problem only showing it’s face every 10minutes or so, and without speakers plugged in to know it’s happening, I could be there a while.
  7. For further info, both sources(tv and streamer) to the Morpheus are unplugged. And the popping and what not just started happening again as I was sitting here researching.
  8. Through swapping channels and cables I’ve narrowed it down to the right channel on the Morpheus, as the problem changes to the other speaker when I swap the balanced cables on the back of the Morpheus. The dc offset is an interesting opinion as I initially assumed there was a dc problem with the woofers being pushed out so slowly, and then pulled back in so slowly as well. The Morpheus is is about 300mm from the power amps, and I don’t think mains coupling would be the issue as that would cause a 50hz hum rather than what seems to be a raising and falling of dc. The only common thing to always
  9. In my right channel only, I notice the woofer move slowly in and out, before popping and cracking. This continues with the music paused, and also happens when I’m using the TV as my source. -my system is a node2i connected to my Morpheus via coax -tv connected to Morpheus via optical -Morpheus connected to a pair of Bryston 7b3 via balanced cables -Brystons driving a pair of pmc mb2se ive ruled out the sources and it happens with both tv and node, I also swapped the channels on the back of the Morpheus and the problem moved to the left channel, with I think rule
  10. Hi, joining to read the various forums and classifieds.
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